Cassie Shepherd

May 25, 2010

The Beginning

I wanted to begin by introducing a little bit about our past together and how we have gotten to where we are today. We've been married 11 months and 6 days! It has almost been a year! The next few posts will go through a time line of our courtship, wedding, and the year following.

I'll start with the first day we met. We met at Studio 600, an LDS Dance Club in Downtown Salt Lake. It was January 17, 2008. We made eye contact and started to dance for quite a while. I'm going to leave out some of the fun details but let's just say that as I was leaving Mitch and I ran into each other again and he got my number. Mitch kissed me the second time we hung out - our first official date. Our first kiss was on my couch in my apartment at Parkway Crossing.

We dated casually for the next four months. We usually went out at least one of the weekend nights and stayed in contact casually during the week. Some of our fun dates included; going out for Sub Zero Ice Cream, an airplane ride with his friends Matt and James (Mitch even landed the plane), the Offroading Expo, geocashing, and attending the April LDS General Conference.

One of the best nights we spent together was the night that Mitch took me to see the "submarine races." Now, let me explain. Mitch and I were texting about what we were going to do that night for our date. I asked if he had any good ideas and he said that we could watch the submarine races. Mitch always took me on fun dates so, innocently, I responded that his idea sounded like fun! After all, I had never been to the submarine races, let a lone even heard of them! Mitch explained that they were being held at Utah Lake, we'd see them because they had big spot lights that would shine into the water, it'd be cold so I better bring a sweat shirt, and to bring a friend a long. So Jillian Young and I met Mitch and his friend, Chase Wooten, and off we went to the submarine races.

When we got to the lake there was a big toy hauler that had some large stickers on it. Mitch said it must be one of the sponsorship trucks. Makes sense right? Well, we got closer to the lake and there was nothing around! Mitch said he must've mixed up the nights as to when they were going to be here. After a few minutes of snickering and held back laughs, Jillian and I couldn't help but start to wonder if there was something fishy going on. As the wind blew and we started to freeze on an empty dock I asked Mitch if submarine races were even real. Well, Chase and him couldn't hold in their laughter anymore. Mitch couldn't even respond to my question because he was laughing so hard...

The next morning I was telling my mom the story. After a long conversation and a lot of laughter she said, "Cas, do you know what submarine races are?" I said, "Well, I sure do now, they don't exist! It's a made up story." She said, "Oh, Cassie, submarine races is kind of like a code word for saying, 'let's make out.'" Wow, Mitch didn't tell me that. So, cool, I had to find out from my mom!

Mitch and my family still won't let this story go. It'll never seize to bring a smile to our faces.

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  1. Oh man! Those submarine races... so embarrassing but, I do have to admit we ended up having a good time and now we have a great story to tell.