Cassie Shepherd

May 31, 2010

Bridals at La Caille

I chose to have my bridals done at La Caille which is a restaurant at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. It is beautifully landscaped. I decided I didn't want all the pictures to be just me so I had Mitch be apart of them. This went against the traditional wedding rules of the groom seeing the bride in her wedding dress before they're actually married, but I didn't care. I am so happy that I had Mitch in my pictures because I think they are more exciting and I cherish them more. I thought, "Why would I need a ton of pictures of just me in our house?" We also decided to have Mitch's BMW in the pictures which I ended up loving.

We scheduled our shoot a couple months out in advance but I wanted to do it at the beginning of June so the flowers at La Caille would be in bloom. The night before our shoot it was pouring! Not just a little rain - a literal down pour. I was so nervous the next morning it would be raining and we would have to shoot everything inside. I can't even remember what Mitch and I were doing but all of the sudden he was like, "Oh crap!!! I forgot to pick up my tuxedo!" He had it at an altering shop in the mall and it closed earlier than the rest of the mall. It was like 7:05 and they closed at 7:00. We rushed to the mall. I think we even called but couldn't get a hold of anyone and sure enough it was closed. I remember sitting in front of the altering shop looking at the massive puddles in the parking lot and thinking we were doomed. My photographer was in huge demand and I knew his schedule was super busy. On top of just having our bridals the next day we also were scheduled to do our pictures with the temple (a pre-temple shoot making it so we would have all our temple shots before the wedding day). What we were going to do?
I called my photographer's receptionist and expressed my concern about the rain. We cancelled the morning shoot at La Caille and decided to go forward with the pre-temple shoot that afternoon. We re-scheduled bridals for the morning after and hoped it would be clearer then. Which, it was! It couldn't have been more sunny! The sun made it very very warm to take pictures. I didn't eat breakfast that morning because I was, of course, in a hurry to get to La Caille. Mitch's sister did my hair in Alpine so I had a 45 minute drive. My sister-in-law, Lu, came with me so she could help with my dress and anything else I needed. We met her and my Mom and Dad there. During the shoot I got so hot and dehydrated. Near the end my stomach was turning and I felt like I was going to pass out from the heat. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but by the end I was just like, "whatever, I'm done!" I finally sat down and drank a ton of water and got out of my tight dress to relax! Regardless of the little roller coaster, everything turned out great and I love all our pictures!

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