Cassie Shepherd

May 25, 2010

Falling In Love

Once Mitch got home from California it was back to school and back to reality. This picture above was at his welcome home BBQ at his home in Mapleton. Before we went back to school we went on a Harley ride with his Mom and Dad through Utah and Wyoming to see Jackson Hole. 

(Mom and Dad Shepherd, Mitch, me)
I LOVE the Harley rides!!!

Once we started school again we would often go on little get away trips. We went to his cabin in Scofield and I also joined his family for the deer hunt in October at Fish Lake. Other activities we did in Fall 2008 was the Dew Tour downtown Salt Lake, we attended October LDS General Conference, a BYU foot ball game, went four wheeling, and horse back riding at a girl from my ward, Lisa Hahn's, work.

Mitch's sister (Jill) and me
Fish Lake

Once Mitch was settled back in Utah we definitely spent a lot of time together. One night, we were in Mitch's red cavalier and talking about our future. We weren't quite sure how things were going and I wanted to know if Mitch really was serious about us. It was then he told me that he loved me for the first time and that we wanted to work toward a future. I was excited to hear how he felt and return the love by sharing my feelings as well.

The holidays came quickly. We spent time with both of our families through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Mitch's family tradition - cutting down their Christmas tree up by their cabin (Mitch, me, Jill, Dad)
Black Friday ads! (Mitch, my brother - Josh, me nephew - Tyler, me)
My adopted nephew from Guatamala's baby blessing
(Josh, brothers Bob and Brad, my dad, Terry Cluff and his son, Mitch, Steve and Daniel in the middle)
This was my last year being Santa Lucia. A sweedish family tradition to welcome in the Christmas spirit.
Gingerbread houses at the Shepherds
Temple Square - Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Dinner at The Roof
New Year's Eve

In December Mitch was at a cross roads in his life to decide what he wanted to do with his future. He decided to look into going into PA school after he graduated in Biology - originally he had planned Dental but felt that it wasn't the right path for him. We decided to drive up to Idaho and check out a PA program together. It was there he first introduced me as his "fiancĂ©e" even though we were yet to be engaged. I played a long with it but felt a little uneasy when someone asked when the big day was. I let Mitch respond - he said we weren't sure yet. Being in Idaho made me stop and think, "Can I see myself - here - with Mitch? Could this be my future?" Without a doubt I felt positive that I would be happy with him.
That night Mitch and I talked about getting married. He had finals coming up the next week but after that we planned a night to go look at rings. I asked if I could start looking at wedding dresses and start planning things - he said yes and I took that our unofficial engagement.

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