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May 29, 2010

A Little Bit of Love For Everyone

May and June were such crazy months for us! There are two things that I wanted to talk about in this entry -

* My Bridal Showers
In all of my bridal showers everyone showed a lot of love toward me and Mitch. I am so thankful for everyone who planned them and for those that made the effort to come. The support that we received was such a blessing and really helped us get started.

* My Friends Weddings - Caroline, Tara, Carli, and Jillian
Wow, 2009 was filled with a lot of love for some of my best friends too! Check out their weddings and pictures below.

* My Bridal Showers *

I had four bridal showers. I wish I had more pictures but I just wasn't ever thinking about it!

My Mom, Me, Mitch's Mom 

My first shower was given by Mitch's family. It was at his Aunt Margo's house and it was a lot of fun. We had a light lunch and opened gifts. His family entertained everyone by reading fake "telegrams" to me from famous people congratulating me on the wedding.

The second shower was given by my sisters at my parent's house. All of my mom's friends and our other family members came to this one. I have the most pictures from this shower. At the shower everyone gave me a piece of advice about married life when I was opening my gifts. It was fun to hear what everyone had to say! The comment I remember the most was, "Pick your battles." I often replay the sentence in my head... :)

My third shower was given by my cute friend Michelle and was more like the bachelorette party. We didn't even get one picture at this one! Lame! But she prepared a great dinner and we played a few fun games and did a little fun shopping. ;) It was great just being with my close friends.

Last, seven women from my home ward hosted another bridal shower. I loved this because I was able to see some of my old YW leaders and friends in the ward that I hadn't seen in awhile. It was wonderful to visit with everyone! Again, no pictures! :(

* My Friend's Weddings *

Four of my really good friends from High School got married right about the same time I did. Since the minute I started planning my wedding I fell in love with other people's weddings too. I love seeing everybody's unique ideas and seeing their personality shine through their plans. The year we got married we had an unusual amount of rain and all of us were planning outside weddings! Talk about stress. It literally rained almost every day of May and June. However, can you believe that not one of our weddings got rained on? Sometimes it rained hours before the reception and after but none of them got rained on during the ceremonies, picture taking, or reception. What a blessing for us all!

The first one was Caroline's in the beginning of May. She looked so gorgeous!! She had her reception in a neighbor's backyard and was married in the Salt Lake Temple too. Her and her hubby, Josh, stood under a beautiful archway when they greeted people. The thing that I loved the most about Caroline's wedding was that her mom made her stunning wedding dress! Can you imagine all that work? It was the perfect dress for her!

The second one was Tara's. Her family is in my parent's ward and Tara and I grew up knowing each other. We used to play when we were little and hung out a little bit when we were both going to the University of Utah's ward. Her reception was also in her backyard. My mom is her mom's visiting teacher so they talked about the weddings and all the stress that went with them for months! We got some great suggestions from her mom. She had a live band at her wedding, a photo booth - very cool, tons of really beautiful photography compliments of her magnificent photographer - her mom, and a lot of yummy elegant food.

The third wedding was my dear friend Carli's. Carli and I share a unique bond because we survived a life threatening event together while we were in high school. Perhaps I'll share that in another blog someday in the future. Carli had her wedding and reception at Millennial Falls which was truly breathe taking. I think her and Ben were a match made in heaven and their wedding reflected that. Their daughter, Oakley, was as cute as can be. They all looked so happy and I was thrilled to see them tying the knot.

The last wedding before mine was Jillian's. She got married on the 12th, exactly a week before me. We had a great time talking about our weddings for so many months before we were married. We went through everything together just about the same time. I closely followed her and Brandon's relationship from the very beginning and even remember when she told me they were talking about getting married after only 3 weeks of dating! I thought she was a little crazy, but she was right on with him. They're perfect for each other and are madly in love.
In January Jillian and I saw "Bride Wars" together and completely related because neither one of us were engaged yet. However, planning our weddings was nothing like the movie. We got a long great. We spent many hours on the phone talking about our plans, frustrations, and sharing our excitement. One of our friends described our weddings as such, "I went to Jillian's wedding and it was just so Jillian! Then the next week, I went to Cassie's wedding and it was just so Cassie!" And it is true. That is exactly how it was.
At Jillian's wedding I was one of her bridesmaids so I was right there when she came out of the temple. I hadn't seen her dress but when she walked out of the doors she shined. Her dress complimented her beautiful features and I was happy that I could be there to see her. After our temple shots Mitch and I got some lunch and then headed to help out with her reception. It was held in one of her grandma's backyard. The yard was very spacious which made for a wonderful place to have a reception. It is hard to describe all the different areas but everything flowed so well there. She had a cheesecake buffet which was delicious!!! She also had a cotton candy machine - awesome! Near the back of the yard you walked down through a hovering grove of trees into a tennis court, elegantly decorated, where her and Brandon shared their first dance. I am so thankful that I was apart of her special day!

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  1. Awwww you wrote such sweet things! It was so fun to go through all of it together!