Cassie Shepherd

May 27, 2010

The Official Engagement

Like I said, we did things a little backwards. I had my dress, the date scheduled, the photographer and caterer booked, my cake ordered, and everything else reserved that we would need before I actually had the ring. Mitch had some problems with the ring but I knew it would come. Sometimes I wasn't very patient but I tried to be - after all it had almost been 4 months since we first looked at rings when he proposed!
Mitch asked my dad for permission to marry me at the end of February. We were up visiting my parents house and I was upstairs talking to my mom while Mitch and my dad were downstairs in his office talking. By this time I aware that Mitch could ask my dad at any time but I tried hard not to get my hopes up if I was wrong. I thought it was a good time for him to ask so I gave him lots of time down there. The next day my mom called and said we better start planning somethings because it was now the 1st of March and she wasn't going to wait for us to be "officially engaged" anymore. If you know my mom - this wouldn't be unusual. However, some of me couldn't but help think she knew something that I didn't. Of course, after another 3 weeks of waiting for Mitch to pop the question I almost had given up hope that he had asked my dad. Finally, I just asked his mom what she knew. She told me he had infact asked my dad. I was content after that and waited. :)

It was a Saturday afternoon when Mitch asked me. We had planned to go into Salt Lake to taste samples for our wedding cake. On the way he said that we should stop and get my nails done at my favorite place up by where my parents lived. There had been so many times I thought Mitch might ask me so his suttle hints no longer convinced me that "today was THE day." After tasting the cake Mitch took me down to Temple Square to "take some pictures." At the time I was serving as a hostess for the LDS Conference Center. Originally Mitch had planned to propose on top of the Conference Center because that was (and still is) a special place for me. However, when we got there it turned out to be the YW General Conference so Temple Square was packed with teenage girls. While walking along the grounds a Young Women's group asked if we wanted to eat some dinner with them. They had some sandwhiches and were having a little picnic so we sat down and ate with them. After that Mitch and I walked around the Temple to the far west side. No one was over there so it was quite and peaceful. I started walking up the stair case to the doors on the Northwest side of the building. When I turned around Mitch was down on one knee. He told me how much he loved me and how excited he was to spend the rest of his life with me. He asked me if I would marry him and said, "Yes, of course!" We hugged and kissed then took lots of pictures.

We had driven Mitch's convertable BMW for the special occasion. On our way home "Love Story" by Taylor Swift was playing which was one of my favorite songs at the time. We had the top down and we both sang to the song. The song talks about Juliet patiently waited for Romeo to come around - and he finally did. I thought it was an appropriate song. We texted our friends and family and went to show my mom and dad the ring. Mitch told me he would take me anywhere I wanted for dinner and dessert but I wasn't too hungry after the sandwhich. I really just wanted some of his mom's raspberry cheesecake. So, we called her up and she made a quick cheesecake for us to enjoy together that night.

The day was perfect and well worth the wait!

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