Cassie Shepherd

June 11, 2010

Bagpipes, Birthdays, & Santa Lucia

To kick off the Christmas season Josh and I planned an extravagant Christmas party at his house. He made a turkey and all of the sides. I was in charge of dessert. I made a few different dishes including pumpkin pie bars, toffee, 7 layer cookies, and almond pie with homemade whipped cream. Josh surprised the family by having a bag piper come in. We are of Scottish heritage and most of our family enjoys the bagpipes. The pictures above are all the men in the family that will carry the Pedersen name. We celebrated Mitch and Cyd's birthdays and gave Brad his birthday gift from November. We also read our family goals - another family tradition. Every year we write our goals and what we're thankful for and then we read them again in five years. So this Christmas season we read what we wrote in 2004.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
My desserts!
Why do we all have crowns on? Good question. The last couple years at Josh's we open these little firework things that have crowns, a toy, and a little saying in them. I'm not sure why we do it - but it's fun.

Santa Lucia

Lydia carried out our Swedish family tradition of Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia is performed by the oldest single woman of the house and is a tradition done to welcome in the Christmas spirit. She represents sacredness and purity. She walks around the home with the wreath of candles on her head and gathers the younger children to follow. After, she hands out cookies (we use ginger snaps). The idea is to make a wish and the cookie with your knuckles in order to break the cookie into three pieces. If the cookie is broken into three pieces - you keep one piece and your wish comes true. You give the other pieces away and someone else gets to make a wish with your piece. If your cookie is broken into more or less than three pieces then your wish doesn't come true. We've done this tradition for as long as I can remember. Both Megan and I have had the opportunity to be Santa Lucia. It is now the grandchildren's turn.

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