Cassie Shepherd

June 11, 2010

Blaine and Jill's Wedding

Blaine and Jill met through some people at her work earlier in 2009. Shortly after Mitch and I were in Red Bluff, Mitch's dad called and said Blaine had asked for Jill's hand in marriage. We were all surprised but so happy for them! They set the date for October 9 and so wedding plans for the Shepherd family began again! They were married in the American Fork Temple on a beautiful day. They held the reception at the Mapleton City Center. Jill looked gorgeous and I loved her hair (done by Lisa of course). Blaine looked sharp as well. They are a such a cute couple! I had a Philosophy class with him during the time they were preparing to get married so I got to get to know him better and he really fits great into the family. I love being apart of the Shepherd family! I couldn't have asked for better in-laws! It is different to have brother and sister - in - laws that aren't too much older or younger than me. I love it!

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