Cassie Shepherd

June 10, 2010

Let the California Adventures Begin!

We were married on a Thursday, had the open house Friday, opened gifts on Saturday, packed the car, and then left at 6:00 AM Sunday for Red Bluff, California. We took our Jetta and it was PACKED full of stuff. I insisted we took a lot of things. However, we probably didn't need as much as I wanted. Mitch and my dad got it all in the car though and we were off. Our stay in California definitely was an adventure!

Our apartment was decent - nothing too exciting. Red Bluff is a really small city. It is about 45 minutes outside of Redding. It got up to 115 degrees while we were out there. It was hot! Mitch worked from noon until 9:00 every night. Saturdays he got off early so we were able to go on lots of little mini vacations. We got to travel all over northern California and into Oregon which I'll blog about and post all of our travel pictures. We lived in Red Bluff for a little over a month and then changed locations. We moved to Eureka, California August 1.

These pictures are the first after we were married. We celebrated the 4th of July at the Tehama County Fair in Red Bluff. They had lawn mower races - which we thought was pretty funny. They also had, surprisingly, one of the best firework shows we had ever seen. We went to the fair with Austin and Leigh Copling. A couple that was in our group out there selling. Leigh and I worked in the office for the company Mitch was selling for. It was just part time and it was nice to get out of the apartment and do something.

In Redding there is a bridge that tells the time - the Sundial Bridge. It is built so the shadow of the sundial will be at certain spots as the sun moves in order to tell time. It was pretty neat. 

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