Cassie Shepherd

June 21, 2010

Donovan's Steak House

For Christmas my parents gave all the siblings in Utah an evening out to Donovan's Steak House. The menu is really pricy, but we didn't have to worry about it. It was delicious! The best was the Mac N' Cheese - who would've thought! We all went together (including Mom and Dad) in April and celebrated the five graduations we were having this year. Brad graduated with his second Master's Degree - in what? I'm not exactly sure - something to do with family and psychology I think.  Josh received his Bachelors in Communications. Megan received her Masters in something to do with computers - I'm bad I know. Mitch (which I'll talk more about in the next entry) graduated with his Bachelors in Biology. Last, Tyler graduated high school. Congratulations to everyone! It is a lot of hard work, but will be worth it!

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