Cassie Shepherd

June 11, 2010

Edgewood Apartment

Mitch and I had quite a transition when we got home from California. If you asked Mitch how things were he would've probably said, "Oh, we're fine!" I would've said otherwise. It was during this time that I really felt like I understood the warnings from people that marriage isn't happily ever after. It takes a lot of work. I wasn't naive to that, but I also didn't fully understand it. My brother told me, Heavenly Father didn't put us on the earth to marry perfect people and have perfect lives there after. Marriage is a challenge and part of learning how to reach your full potential. I've learned so much already and Mitch and I have only been married a year. I am glad we have each other. I wouldn't have wanted to learn with anyone else!

Anyway, this apartment is where we really first were settled. It is in the basement of a condo that Mitch's grandfather owns. We had been all over California and then had to live with his parents for two months after we got home. This was a really stressful time on our marriage. Sometimes I wondered what I got myself into! I grew up with five older brothers and sisters, but my closest in age sibling is 9 years older than me. I really was probably more like an only child for a number of years. I had never shared a room or lived around a lot of people so getting married and living with someone was definitely a new experience. Even when I moved out for college I had my own room.  Being able to have our own place to stay was such a blessing at the exact time I needed it. Mitch actually re-modeled it before we got married and we had expected to be in the first week in October. In fact, we attended the morning session of General Conference and then came back and moved in. The apartment is like a studio apartment so it is small. But I was so happy once we finally got in there! I am good at organizing and didn't mind the challenge to live in a small space at all. Also, we didn't have an oven or stove because it was against city code if the upstairs apartment was being rented. I learned what a hot plate is and used it well to cook everything for us. Also, no dish washer - that I still hate but you have to do what you have to do to make things work. We don't have to pay rent so really it has been such a blessing in many ways. We're really grateful for the opportunity we had to just go to school and not have to worry too much about finances. However, there still were a lot of sacrifices. We just always remind each other through the rough times whether it be working, living where we don't want to, going to school, financial hardships, or whatever that we are sacrificing now for our future to be better. Once we were settled I thought, "Yes! Now, I won't need to worry about anything major for a few years. We'll just work on school and work and things will be great." But I was wrong. I hope our easy future is near - but I have feeling it is still a long long way a way....

Only five months after we had been in there we found out we were going to have to move because of some family situations. We were both devastated. However, we've moved on and are preparing to be out in about a month from now. Where are we going? Who knows!? It's complicated. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, the idea of being homeless is driving me nuts!

Mitch did a lot of work on the place to make it nice for not just me but for his other family members. I am so glad he is so handy. I am sure lucky. He is such a hard worker and I really appreciate that. Here are some before and after pictures.

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