Cassie Shepherd

June 21, 2010

The First Jay Flight Outing

In December Mitch's Dad, who is always so helpful, helped us buy this house trailer. We share it with the Shepherd family and it is so much fun. It is really clean and we got a really good deal on it - would we have boughten it if it wasn't? Dad also got a natural gas truck so we decided to give the new trailer a shot and pull it down to St. George in April. It was great! The truck had no problems pulling it and it was super cheap making it easy for us to take some weekend get aways. We spent a couple nights in Quail Creek. Dad, Jill, and Blaine stayed in a hotel and we met them for dinner at Brick Oven the first night then played games back at the hotel. The next afternoon Mitch and I did a session in the St. George Temple, and then he wasn't feeling well so the rest of us went to a movie while he slept. That night we went shopping and then ate at Cafe Rio. We headed home the next morning. It was a short weekend, but a perfect mini vacation!

Filling up

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