Cassie Shepherd

June 22, 2010

Flyin' South

Mitch interviewed in Savannah, Georgia last week for school. He'd start in January. He really loved the area and felt great about the interview! He said the staff and the other PA students were so friendly and the environment was the best place he's been to so far. I think he would fit in really well there. They are a small school, but really professional and disciplined which Mitch likes.

It sounds like they interview close to 100 people (out of hundreds - maybe even a thousand that apply) through out 10-11 interview sessions. The interview sessions seem like they are pretty selective so I think that is a huge positive that he was selected. His interview session had around 9 people and this was the 3rd session. They said the last session only had 5 people. His session only had one other guy. The majority of applicants accepted are girls. I imagine this is because more girls apply to PA school on the East coast. Last year they accepted 65 people and 16 of them were guys. I think Mitch has a good shot in getting in statistically. The only bad thing is - on average - students who get accepted have done 2800 hours of health care work. Mitch isn't quite there yet. He is competitive in all their other areas - including taking all their recommended but not required courses and he has a great GPA. The health care experience is huge, unfortunately. So, if he doesn't get in - I bet it'll be because of his hours. We're working on that and I'm sure he'll get right into the health care field when he gets home the end of July. I hope they see pass that and look at his other great qualities though. I mean, after all, he served a two year voluntary mission. That's got to count for something! We do still have other options though. Meanwhile, we're just waiting to hear back from the school. We should know by next Friday at the latest. We're praying the decision will put us in the right direction - either way.

Personally, I think Savannah would be a great place to live. It may be a little too hot for me, but I am sure I can live with it. Mitch said it was 100 degrees while he was there with a 100% humidity. I went there when I was younger to visit my brother and his family when they were living outside of Atlanta and remember how hot it was. The streets are all cobblestone. This is because when the pilgrims settled here they would bring cobblestones from England in their boats to balance the weight of the supplies and people. Then, they put them to good use for the roads. It is a pretty area right a long a river and not too far off the Atlantic coast. Mitch went on a two hour tour around the city and really enjoyed it. 
Here are some pictures he took while he was down there.

Mitch took this picture because he knows Ruth's Chris is my favorite place to eat. :)
This is Paula Dean's restaurant.

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