Cassie Shepherd

June 24, 2010

Looks Like We're Permanently Flyin' South!

Georgia - here we come!!!

Mitch and I have felt some what directionless the last couple of months because every decision we seem to have to make always rides on another more important decision that is sometimes out of our control. Like offers we've had in on houses and what our plans are for graduate school.

I'm thrilled that Mitch was accepted into South University in Savannah, Georgia! In fact, it still hasn't quite sunk in. I keep thinking I shouldn't get my hopes up high because there is a possibility that something will happen where we don't get in or can't do. Like, the sent the wrong acceptance letter or something crazy like that. However, I think I'm just in shock. There really isn't anything that would prevent us from going and I'm certain they didn't make any mistakes! Mitch really felt good about the school and, like I said, he'll be the perfect fit.

I think Mitch applied to less than 15 PA schools last December because we just weren't ready for the application process. It was last minute and he hadn't prepared on applying for another year. He fully expected to work more in the health care field and do some more PA shadowing before applying. However, we just went for it. It was pretty brutal to tell you the truth. It both really stressed us out because there was a lot to do for applying. Mitch literally signed up for the GRE and took it the next weekend. He prepped during that week, but wasn't very confident with it. I kept thinking, "we have to try! We won't get in if we don't even try! There is nothing to loose (but a little bit of money) for making the effort to apply this year." The hard work to get his applications in paid off. If you work hard - you do get what you deserve. Sometimes, maybe, not in the way we think. Fortunately, this path worked for us though.

Mitch has interviewed with two schools so far. We were happy to get just those interviews. We didn't expect to get offered a position so soon though. We viewed the interviewing process as good practice. As you can tell from my last entry, we were really positive about Savannah though. Perhaps it was just high hopes because Mitch liked it so much, but we really were crossing our fingers regardless of the slim chance.

Mitch and I were talking last night about our "most likely plan." We've been looking into buying a house and need to get moving on a decision because we need to be out of our place soon! We've just been waiting on an offer for a short sale (which, we knew probably wouldn't go through) and this school thing. Savannah became a lead a little over a month ago so it definitely took precedence over our other plans. We were worried though, because we knew his chances of getting in were low. Anyway, last night we decided at the end of this week we would move forward eliminating places we may or may not want to buy. Of course, now all that has changed. We still might invest in a home because we will eventually come back to Utah, but we're not sure. We'll for sure have some serious conversations over the next couple weeks. I'm excited though. They are now decisions we have control over and with a specific path we'll be able to peacefully move forward.

Mitch called me about 1:30 and I was thinking he must be bored at work already. When I answered he just simply replied, "well, looks like we're going to Savannah." Woohoo! I was so ecstatic! In fact, I was jumping on our bed! I feel kind of silly for admitting that, but I just couldn't think of a better way to express my happiness!

I told his mom to be on the look out for a large package in the mail. When my brother was looking to get into medical school he always had me go and check the mail for "big envelopes." If they were small he would know he hadn't gotten in. When Mom told Mitch it was a big envelope he said he was just thankful it wasn't a small envelope yet. Then, "Congratulations!" came from his Mom's mouth and that was it!

I am so happy for him. He has worked so hard and really deserves this. I am so thankful that the school noticed his other great areas and felt like he belonged there too.

Now what? Good question. Thats what everyone seems to be asking. Including myself! There is so much to think about. Major things we need to decide: living (here and there!), my schooling, and finances. It'll come though. Meanwhile, we're so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to get started.  Our families have been so supportive and I just couldn't help but call all my siblings when we found out. I'm sure going to miss my family, but this will be a neat experience.

Ultimately, we've been blessed and humbled with the opportunity. I think it has been a struggle to have faith through it all, especially for me. However, our prayers have been answered.
We're moving forward!

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