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June 17, 2010

Mexico Part I - Setting Sail

We got a smoking good deal on cruise prices through Carnival in March. We did a 7 day 6 night Mexican Rivera for  $340 a person. We drove to Long Beach so it didn't cost us much in fuel. We have natural gas vehicles so gas from Provo to Long Beach probably only cost us about $30 - you can't beat that. Our ship was the Carnival Splendor and this was our itinerary:

Sunday: Depart Long Beach
Monday: Fun Day at Sea
Tuesday: Fund Day at Sea
Wednesday: Puerto Vallarta
Thursday: Mazatlan
Friday: Cabo San Lucas
Saturday: Fun Day at Sea
Sunday: Arrive Long Beach 

The pictures below are the first few days at sea. Neither Mitch and I have ever been on a cruise before so everything was new to us. We were amazed by the amount of food that was carried on the ship! There was always food available. After we were boarded and checked into out room we went right to the lunch buffet. We couldn't believe the selection of fruit, meats, cheeses, vegetables, sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas, salads, desserts - you name it - they probably had it! It was like that all day - breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Then at night we were served like movie stars. We had the best waiters. The food was excellent. We also got appetizers, the main course, and dessert. Plus rolls whenever we wanted. Sometimes we couldn't decide what to try - so the waiter would just bring us two dinners or desserts! My favorite was the creme brulee. I got a little sea sick the first night and so the waiter wrapped it to go, but I didn't get to enjoy it really. The next night I asked when we would have it again, but they weren't planning on serving it. The last night of our cruise the waiter put in a special request for us and not only did he have two ready for us - but he surprised us with three! Talk about wonderful service. It was all delicious! Yes, I watched my weight but not what I ate! I gained 2 pounds over the vacation.

Long Beach
This was the first morning at breakfast. Water all around us...
The first day we spent a lot of time outside, which might have been a mistake because we both got too much sun. Our little white bodies came from a winter season back in Utah so we got fried. I didn't even think to pack sun tan lotion (dumb I know). We bought some in the ship's little gift shop though that smelled really good. This picture was taken up on deck. Right after - we saw dolphins. Pretty neat.
First formal night
I was very sunburned. I could barley move in my dress without some kind of irritation.
We had late dining in "The Gold Pearl." If I were to do it again - I'd probably do early dining. Originally we thought late would be better because we might be on shore doing activities, but we were always back to the ship before early dining started. There were usually shows or some kind of entertainment after dinner so the later we had dinner the later the show was. On the mornings we wanted to get up early and get on shore we would be so tired because of staying up late the night before. Mitch and I both like a good nights rest.
Our stateroom. Small but really nice. The ship was only a year old so our furnishings were good. Smallest bathroom ever (and very blue) but it was still nice. I loved never having to make the bed or clean up the bathroom. I mean you would literally leave your room for a half hour - come back and it would be spotless. It was great!

During the day we were given schedules that showed the fun things to do on board. We didn't participate in some of the activities because it cost money - like the spa or gym. However, we kept busy just relaxing in the sun, watching movies on their big screen, chilling at the pool, eating (too much), and sleeping. We took naps that probably weren't necessary. I don't think there was ever a time where I was really hungry. I even ate more when I wasn't because I was afraid I would miss out on something delicious. I don't regret it though - it was worth having to watch what I ate when I got home and go to the gym a little bit more than normal! Within a month I had shed the extra weight gain plus some.

Sea sick...
Like I said, the first night I got a little sea sick. I packed some Dopamine just in case but I didn't take any when we boarded. It wasn't until we went to dinner that I really felt it. Our dining room was the very back of the ship - I think on floor 3. So low and back. Our table was like the second to last table from the windows so the rocking was a lot more severe there. I didn't enjoy dinner too much the first night. In fact, I left early - Mitch got the dessert. I went back and laid down and took some medicine. I wasn't throwing up luckily, but it was enough nausea that was unpleasant. The next day, I was fine. About a half hour before dinner I popped one pill and that really helped the second night at dinner. I also tried to keep my back against the back of the chair to help stabilize my body from feeling the rocking. That seemed to help quite a bit. I did that for the rest of the trip and it worked great. The last night we were going a lot faster so the boat was really rocking - almost anywhere we were. I felt it then, but it wasn't bad enough to distract me from having fun. I think your body gets used to it throughout the week. If you've never had a problem with motion sickness - still take some Dopamine just in case. I never had either...

After two days at sea we docked at our first destination - Puerto Vallarta...

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