Cassie Shepherd

June 18, 2010

Mexico Part II - Puerto Vallarta

When we docked in Puerto, Mitch and I weren't quite sure what to expect. We walked out on the deck and I was amazed at our big cruise ship basically sitting in the middle of a city. Wal-Mart was right across the street and it was weird seeing it so close to where we docked. We literally walked off the boat into hundreds of locals wanting us to buy their day excursions. We knew we wanted to go on a zip line so we started talking to people about the best ones. We ended up paying $60 a person. Which wasn't bad - we probably could've got better though. We thought it was good until we heard someone got it for $40. The cruise line was charging $120 per person. Anyway, we went off with the guy in a big white van and I was a little nervous because I was thinking, "Geese he could just take us away in his van and no one would ever know!" But, he took us right to the area where we bought our tickets and waited to go into the hills to do the zip line. While we waited we walked across the street to a little shop and bought a nativity for my Mom and Dad. They collect nativities from around the world so I thought it was perfect to buy one right from a small city shop in Puerto Vallarta.

We all got on a bus and headed into the hills. It was about a 45 minute drive out of the city, which was really pretty. We drove up the cost and saw a lot of pretty scenery. The weather was really hot. One, not as pretty sight, was everything (through out the whole trip) always seemed to be under construction. Once we got further away from the coast though we were surrounded by rainforest. It was so neat! We went through some small towns and got a feel for the poverty that some people lived in. 

The place we went on the zip line was pretty nice. It had a swimming area that was like a river you could jump into. We did, I think, 9 zip lines. We had to hike all over the place and we got really thirsty, but it was so much fun.

This picture below is some prop or something (I can't remember) from the movie Predator. This area is right where the film was shot so it was kind of a touristy place.

After, we drove back down - stopped at the Tequilla factory (which, obviously, wasn't much interest to us) and the Mitch and I explored around town mostly by foot. We went through some flee markets, but there wasn't anything that really appealed to us to buy. Mitch did buy some imitation Oakley sunglasses. We met another LDS couple and hung out with them a little bit, but split ways later in the day. We spent the rest of the time on the beach and checking out stores along the coast.

We got really hungry and nothing was looking too good, so we decided to head back to the cruise ship. We caught a bus which was a very interesting experience. The driver didn't speak english and so we didn't know how much to pay. We handed him some pesos but it didn't seem to be enough so we pulled out some American money and he just kind of took a couple of dollars. I don't know - he probably took more than it really cost, but we didn't know what else to do. The bus itself was a wreck. Driving there was CRAZY! I mean people literally didn't care about their cars at all. People were always just bumping each other and going all over the place. Everything seemed really rushed. The bus shacked and rattled like nothing I'd ever heard before. I liked it though. I felt like I was having a true Mexican adventure. We met some American guys on the bus and they helped us know where to go to find the cruise ship. Luckily, we made it back a live! Some of me wouldn't have been surprised if something crazy happened along the way.

Right before we boarded back on we picked some things up from the store. I think we got some Mexican Vanilla, Aloe Vera, and some kind of prescription drug at this little pharmacy across from where we boarded. Once we were back on we got some food, relaxed by the pool, and then headed to dinner. We slept really good that night!

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