Cassie Shepherd

June 21, 2010

Mexico Part III - Mazatlan

Mitch and I took the day in Mazatlan a little easier. We got off the ship and decided to rent a little car. We cruised around town and basically just explored. We stopped along the beach and went shopping. We both got some hats because it was really hot and we were getting more sun than we needed! 

Our car! It was an interesting experience driving it. Kind of a piece of work. I'm sure glad Mitch was driving. I never would've been able to get it to work. It was a clutch and boy did it rattle. You'll notice in this picture there isn't a rear view mirror. That's because minutes before I took this picture I had tried to adjust it to see something and it just fell off. We noticed it looked like it had been glued on so we just stuck it in the dashboard and hoped they wouldn't notice it when we dropped it off. Mitch said the steering wheel had absolutely no power steering so it was pretty tough to drive. We got a kick out of it though and loved cruising around town in it.

This was a sculpture of dolphins right off the coast. It was pretty cool because it really looked like they were jumping in and out of the water.

Just relaxing on the beach.

Mazatlan was probably the most torn up city. We had to be careful what street we turned onto because there would be whole streets at time that would just be completely gone or under construction. It didn't look like anything was being worked on either. I imagine it was just "under construction" for a long time. It was fun to see, but it sure made me appreciate my nice home!

You can see our cruise ship from here.

These pictures were taken back by the cruise ship. They had white tents set up everywhere and you could do a lot of shopping. They had everything from really expensive black leather purses to cheap bracelets made by the locals. Every where we turned someone wanted to sell you something and everyone always expected a tip! This frog is called "Senor Frog." We saw the chain in every city we went to. I'm not exactly sure what it even was - maybe like a restaurant plus touristy stuff. Anyway, Mitch thought it would be funny if we posed like the frog - so we did...

We boarded back on the ship and watched the sun set from the dock. It was really pretty. Then we cleaned up and went to dinner and a show. Again, we slept really well! The next day we were headed to Cabo San Lucas, which, was the best part of the trip. We didn't know it though.

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