Cassie Shepherd

June 21, 2010

Mexico Part IV - Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas was definitely our favorite part of the trip. It was so pretty! I wish we could've spent more time there. We had to take a little boat off of the cruise ship into land so we had to wait forever to get off. If we ever do it again we would make sure to get up early so we didn't hit the rush of everyone to get out. Once we took the boat to shore we walked around to some stores and then decided to go out to Lands End. It is called that because it is the last piece of land in the Baja peninsula. 

This is in a glass bottom boat that we rode out to see Lands End in. Notice my pelican friend. They were everywhere! Fun to see.
Famous arch
Lands End

After we saw the end of the peninsula, our captain dropped us off at Lover's Beach. You can snorkel our there but we just watched people surf, laid out on the beach, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. While we were out there someone asked us if we spoke Spanish. Mitch does a little so he talked to the guy for a minute and then came back with a dollar. I asked how he got that and he said that he asked the guy for a tip (the guy had asked what time the cruise ship left) because everyone else asks him for a tip. Trust Mitch...

Once we got back to the main part of Cabo we walked into the city. This was the probably the most tourist type of a city. It was really clean (at least the parts that we saw) and nothing was under construction. They had nice restaurants and a lot of good shopping. We ate right on the coast at a little mexican restaurant. We actually kind of got bribed to eat there because the manager said if we came we could just get some chips and salsa for free. I think he was hoping we would order some alcohol - but we didn't obviously. All we had to pay for was, of course, the tip. The salsa was so good! These guys came around and sung us a song. We didn't tip them after because we were so sick of having to tip for everything and they got kind of mad at us, but oh well.

After, we went down to the Harley Davidson store. The t-shirts there were like $60 - for the cheapest. So, we decided just to get a sticker for our Jetta. 

There were a lot of boats parked in the harbor. I imagine many people sail them down and stay for sometime. I would too if I had a boat. This is the perfect get away place.

We had to board the cruise ship by 2:00. Once we got on the ship we took a nap. Apparently we left Cabo an hour later than planned so we hauled back home. We averaged 23 MPH the way home - which is fast I guess. I think I said this - but the boat was really rocky because of it. I took a couple dopamine's though and didn't let it spoil the last of our trip.

The last day we just relaxed on the boat. I was ready to be off of it. It was kind of boring the last day. They had activities but nothing to exciting. Maybe it was just knowing we were headed back home. Our last night at dinner all the waiters danced for us and my night was made by having all the Creme Brulee. They also had a chocolate buffet. Yum! We got up real early Sunday so we could make sure we were ready to get off the ship when he docked in Long Beach. We were one of the first people off of the boat luckily. They started letting us off at 9:00 and we were in the car and on the free way by 9:15. We had an 8 hour drive home, but it really wasn't too bad. It went by fairly fast. was really back to reality.
What a great vacation we had though! It was affordable and Mitch and I got to spend some valuable time together. It was nice kind of using it like a belated honeymoon, because by the time we went some of the newly wed excitement had worn off and the trip brought it all back. We loved every minute of it and hope one day we can do it again!

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