Cassie Shepherd

June 21, 2010

Mitchell's Graduation

I have to brag about my husband here for just a few minutes. He is so smart. I married way above my head. He got his associate degree while he was in High School. After he served his two year mission to Philadelphia he came home and was right on track to get his Bachelor's Degree of Science in Biology. Really, he probably could've graduated a year earlier, but he took some pre-requists for PA school that weren't required for his degree. He is the first person in his family to graduate college! His family has been amazingly supportive too. He definitely has a science brain! I am SO opposite. I HATE science and just don't get it at all! Mitch is super logical and really good at problem solving. Good thing he is here to balance me out. Graduation was such a relief for him. We went out to Golden Corral after the ceremony with all of his family and my parents. I am so proud of him!
Now, he'll just work on getting into graduate school. He has the grades and the charisma, but he doesn't have the health care experience. Most of the schools accept students who have over 2000 hours worth of health care experience and Mitch doesn't have that much yet. He has some, but not enough to be competitive. We're hoping a great school will see his other talents and strong areas - but we'll see. After we get home from Oregon we'll plan on getting him right into the health care field even if it doesn't pay anything. He really will do so well in that area. He is compassionate and will be a great assistant. He is really excited and looking forward to it. We have had a few interviews and so hopefully there will be some offers. If not, we'll just keep trying! We have plenty of time. If he doesn't get into a school then we can focus on my schooling in Utah. Which, I don't mind! It'll be easier if I get it done now! Ultimately, we would like to see him school as soon as possible though. Only time will tell! 

Chase - a good friend of Mitch's that he met in all of his science courses.

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