Cassie Shepherd

June 26, 2010

One Year Anniversary

Well, our one year anniversary was last week. There are been so much other things going on though that I've kind of put aside blogging about it.
Our anniversary was on a Friday. Mitch was in Savannah on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday night he flew in and surprised me with a little gift. It hadn't even crossed my mind that he might get me something (isn't that the best?) He had bought me some turquoise earrings, which I love. He knew I wanted some because a few weeks ago at the mall he saw me eyeing some.
The next night was Thursday and at exactly midnight he came in with more earrings and said, "Happy Anniversary!" He was right on the ball. I didn't expect anything! We bought a new Mac Book Pro about three weeks ago and considered that our anniversary gift. So, I was so surprised when he had more for me.
On our anniversary Mitch had to work until 10:30 so we planned on celebrating Saturday night. That night, I surprised him with a Harley shirt that had Salem, Oregon on it. I figured it was a good memorabilia of what we were doing a year into our marriage. (I bought my self a shirt too - I couldn't resist :)) Yet again, Mitch surprised me with another pair of earrings! He is so cute! He was really thoughtful in the ones he chose and they're exactly what I would've chosen. I love them and I love him for being so thoughtful. I really hadn't expected much because we got the computer - but he is the best!
The next night we went to a session in the Portland Oregon Temple. It was so beautiful. They have like a green house right in side and its gorgeous. It was the perfect way to spend the night together. We were the last ones to leave the Temple that day and it was very peaceful. After, we went to Famous Daves for dinner and shared some delicious BBQ pork and bread pudding. I loved how simple it was. We were just happy being together and feeling the spirit. It couldn't have been a better way to celebrate a happy one year together. We still have a lot more - which I am grateful for :)


  1. Just thought I would let you know I selected your blog as blog of the week on The Blog Farm. I see many blogs but this one is special. I can feel the love. Keep up the good work Cassie, excellent blog. You might want to read what I posted about your blog on our page. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks John. That is great news. I appreciate it!

  3. For those who don't know - The Blog Farm is a great place to place your blog so others can find it under categories that may be similar to their interests.
    John, the site editor, featured my sight and wrote some very nice things about it.
    He talked about the passion that is obvious in mine and Mitchell's relationship and it is nothing but the truth. Mitch and I do share something special through all our ups and downs.
    Check it out - and post your site for others to relate!

  4. Oh this sounds like it was so much fun and a great anniversary! good luck in Savannah!