Cassie Shepherd

June 21, 2010

Oregon at Last

Goodness! I am finally caught up to where we are currently. I'm excited because now I can write about my current feelings and everything isn't old news. It's been fun tracing back through our relationship, but as you can see - I take a lot of pictures and Mitch and I have done a lot of things! Frankly, I am probably a little crazy to blog everything, but it really has given me something to do out here.
Why are we in Oregon after all? Mitch is working out here for the summer. We're living in West Salem. Our apartment is...okay. Not as bad as where we lived last year in Eureka, but its descent. If I could change one thing it would be the carpet. It is kind of gross. Everyone has animals out here so it is obvious whoever lived here before us had pets.
I love having a stove and an oven! Wow, it's been great. I don't cook as much as I would like because all our basic ingredients like sugar, oil, and spices are at home. We're only going to be here until the end of July so it seems somewhat pointless to buy all the basics again. I hadn't even planned on coming out with Mitch, but things changed and here I am. It's been much better for both of us.
The next few blogs will be what we've done out here so far....

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