Cassie Shepherd

June 11, 2010

Our First Christmas

Mitch and I spent Christmas Eve at our apartment and opened our stockings and gifts the next morning. I made pull apart bread for Christmas morning breakfast - another Pedersen tradition. Then we went to our families houses and enjoyed the day with those we love. I love being married!!!

Logan Claus!

I took some pictures so I would remember how to decorate my tree. I also liked how my mom did hers so I threw a picture of that on here. It was difficult for me to decorate this year because 1. I had never decorated my own tree before 2. Cutting down an tree is different then store bought because there are missing places. It took some practice and a little frustration but I think it turned okay. Next year, I'll have an idea where to start and will probably use more lights and ornaments.

Mom's tree
My tree

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