Cassie Shepherd

June 21, 2010

Ty Comes to Salem

Tyler is my oldest nephew and we are pretty close. He is only four years younger than I am so we've grown up together. When we were little we have this video of us at Lagoon holding onto each other and singing back and forth, "We're best buddies, we're best buddies!" He decided he wanted an adventure so I told him he should come visit me in Oregon - and to my surprise - he did! He flew up here right after he graduated from high school and before he started working for the same company that Mitch sales for. The first night he was out here we all went to eat at a casino right outside of Salem. It had a big buffet and was pretty good! Then the rest of the time he was here we went and saw two movies at the local movie theater - Cinebarre. It is actually a theater that serves you food the whole time during your movie. I think Tyler really liked that. I've noticed he likes buying food so this was a good place for him! We also went to the Carousel which is this big park that has a carousel and that boat in the picture above. You can ride it out during lunch or dinner and it'll take you down the river. We didn't go on it, but it looked fun. We went to the outlets in Woodburn and Tyler got 2 pairs of jeans and a shirt at Oakley for exactly $3. It was a good deal. He gave 1 pair of jeans to his brother, Alec, and the shirt to his other brother, Eric. The last day we went into Portland and saw the Temple and then went shopping in the Pioneer Place Mall. The mall was huge and had a lot of stores! It was great having him around!

He carried his soccer ball almost every where we went. He loves just kicking it around. He's a way good player too! He'll go pro :)
This is downtown Portland in the mall

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