Cassie Shepherd

July 12, 2010

Camping Gear Extravaganza Part II

I honestly hadn't expected to be posting part II to this story. I was convinced Mitch couldn't have found any more (or would've wanted to spend any more) at The North Face store. Oh, how I was wrong. I should've known better.

This afternoon I got a call -
"Hey, Cas! How are you doing?!" Mitch said unusually excited.
"Oh, I'm doing good. How are you?"
"Good, good. So, I have a questions for you..."
"Alright..." I said hesitantly.
"Well, see, I'm at The North Face store and..."

I burst out laughing at this point knowing where the conversation was going. He continued to ask me if I had any hiking shoes. Which, I just always use my tennis shoes but I guess that wasn't good enough so now I have new hiking shoes. 

I wasn't crazy about the color but they are regularly $120 and Mitch got them for $40 so I can't complain. I sure hope they fit! I'm excited though. We're going to have some fun little get aways when he gets home and I'm going to have some nice gear to get around in! He also got himself some new flip flops, but I have yet to see them. Who knows - he still has three weeks out there so there could be more where this comes from! He is so cute and I'm happy he loves that store so much. Stay tuned.

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