Cassie Shepherd

July 6, 2010

Camping Gear Extravaganza

So last Sunday when Mitch dropped me off at the airport he got a little distracted going home. I like to think he stopped and spent over $250 because he was missing me so much...

When I arrived at the SLC airport (2 and 1/2 hrs later) I called to check in with him. He said he took a little detour to The North Face store at the outlet mall in Woodburn because traffic was not the best. He asked if I had a back pack that was good for hiking and what not. I don't. He just raved about this back pack at the store and I said, "Well, sure, go ahead and get it babe!" I told him I would be up for some fun back packing adventures when he got home and this would give us a great excuse to go out and explore. So - here is my new back pack...

Well, I sent him on his way to buy the back pack because my parents and I were going to grab a little bite to eat. Another hour goes by as we ate a wonderful dinner at Inn-N-Out burger and drove by my brother's new house in Draper. 
Mitch calls again, "Hey, you have a sleeping bag?" 
"Yes," I replied
"Well, see, I was thinking. They have this really cool sleeping bag here that is so light! We could pack it up in your new backpack and it would be perfect!"
We concluded that he could carry my older sleeping bag and we'd buy the new one so I wouldn't complain about carrying it if we were to ever go camping after we back packed. I said, "Sure, babe, if you think it'll be good then lets get it!" And I sent him on his way to buy a new back pack and a new sleeping bag.
So - here is my new sleeping bag....

About another half hour goes by. I reach my car to drive back home and I get another phone call from Mitch.
"Did you finally get the back pack and sleeping bag?" I asked.
"Well, see, if we go camping we're going to need a new tent."
"Oh, well, don't we have a tent?"
"You mean, that little tiny thing we got at Costco or something?" Mitch said hastily.
"Yeah, I thought that was a great tent. We've only used it once..."
"Yeah, but see, this one - this one is nice! It is really light and it'll be perfect to sleep in when we use the new sleeping bag after back packing."
I responded, "Sure, babe, whatever you want. A new tent, sleeping bag, and back pack seems great to me! I'll take it."
"Are you sure?"
"Mitch, it's okay. Go ahead, buy all of it. Stay on the phone with me - walk up to the counter and buy it now."
So - here is our new tent...

If you can't tell - Mitch needed a lot of reassurance to spend so much money on our new things. It isn't because of me - that is for sure. He is just very careful with his money and that was a large purchase to make all by himself. I think it is great! He has made life so much easier for us by being a saver. Whew! I'm glad it isn't the other way around.

Anyway, when he finally got home we were on the phone and I could hear all of this rustling noise. I asked him what in the world he was doing.
He said, "Well, I'm setting up the new tent of course!"
"Inside or outside?"
"Inside - duh. I'm going to sleep in it tonight!"
"What?! Where?"
"In the living room - where else?"
So, yes, my darling husband slept in our new tent with the new sleeping bag in his living room that night.

I love his enthusiasm for life and the things he does! I can't wait until we get to go camping together next time - even if it is just in our living room :)

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