Cassie Shepherd

July 12, 2010

Mt. Hood Car Camp Out

I think Mitch needed a little get away up in Oregon. He has been working so hard and decided to take a trip up to Mt. Hood after work on Saturday. When he got up there I don't think he realized how popular the place was because it was filled with people there for summer ski and snowboarding camps! There was also kids there for skateboarding camps. Apparently it is one of the most well known summer snowboarding camps in the world. He said it seemed like most of the snow was pretty icy, but still, I would've loved to be up there boarding. He spent the night up there and camped out in our car. He never fails to surprise me. He just threw down the back seat and slept. Of course, we were on the phone until 5 AM so he didn't sleep much, but it was still enough to get him away from work. The pictures he took are really pretty. Mt. Hood is a dormant volcano. 

Mitch's camp out parking lot :)
Mitch said there were a lot of sponsors there
This is a little town right outside the mountain

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  1. You didn't say if you were warm enough! It looks cold up there. Beautiful scenery to be sure.