Cassie Shepherd

July 23, 2010

A Quick Update:

My sister, Mary, and her 5 kids have been in town the last few weeks so my life has basically consisted around them. I've spent countless hours on the phone with Mitch because of the distance between us. Sometimes we talk until 5 AM. I miss him.

Since my sister's family has been here we've enjoyed an afternoon out to Incredible Pizza where my parents and I watched "Yours, Mine, and Ours" while the kids played arcade games. The kids came down and spent a day swimming at my apartment complex. Afterword we went out for the girls (and Johnny) first dinner at In-N-Out burger. Then we saw "Erin's Promise," a play at the Covey Center in Provo. We spent a spirtual Sunday at Temple Square where we toured the Church History and Art Museum, saw "Testaments" and studied the small model of the SL Temple. We concluded the day with dinner at my parent's house with everyone in the family but Josh and his family. We sang and danced the night a way. I watched as my three sweet nieces got their ears pierced and then finished the night at the "Mayan." (Quite appropriate since my nephew is Mayan after all.) Me and my mom and two sisters went on a girls day out to Stellas and shopping at the new Desert Book in downtown SL. My oldest neice, Allie, and I went to a BBQ with Mitch's family and then shared a first time experience at a rodeo in Spanish Fork. At last, today, we spent a busy fun filled day at Lagoon.

We'll tie this weekend up with a hike and a little camping experience up the canyon tomorrow. Saturday we'll celebrate Pioneer Day with family, food, and fireworks :)

My neices and nephews mean the world to me. I love being so close to their age.

My apartment is infested with spiders. BIG spiders. One fell on my pillow - yes, while I was laying on it. Two hours later I was finally able to go back to sleep after the tramatic experience. Pest control comes next week.

I've missed having my cute Mitchell here with me for all the fun but he'll be home on Sunday! Every activity would have been just a little bit better if he had been there. He has hit 64 sales and has two more days. His goal was 60. I am so proud of his hard work and thankful to have such a dedicated husband. Hooray for this being his last year as a sales man!!! Now, we can relax and prepare for our move. The next five months will be busy with vacations, friends, and most importantly - our families.

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