Cassie Shepherd

August 7, 2010

Together Again

Mitch is home! Yes! It has been so nice to finally have my other half around. We've been real busy (hence the lack of blogging) trying to squeeze in some summer fun while the weather is still good.

Right after he got home we headed to St. George with my family and saw Tarzan at the Tuachan. It was so neat because they actually flooded the stage with water and gorillas (acting gorillas of course) literally swung right over your head.

While we were down there we also went to this place called Glitter Hole. It is right over the Arizona boarder line and in the middle of no where off a dirt road. It isn't a tourist attraction at all but it was cool to see and I'd definitely recommend people to take the time and go see it. It is piece of land where gympsonite rock has formed. Gympsonite is sparkly so when you break it up it looks like glitter. The pioneers used it to make windows when they settled in Utah. It isn't transparent but it would let light in.

Mitch and I also went on a little hike that led to some hieroglyphics. I kept making up stories that went with the engravings but Mitch kept making fun of me insisting on what I thought was totally wrong. But - I didn't hear him guessing at what they meant! I wish I knew more though! There is so much in this world we can learn and to be able to understand hieroglyphics would be sweet. It probably would never be useful daily knowledge, but still, I can wish! Right now, I'm not focusing on hieroglyphics, but maybe some day.

We had a great time visiting with my sister and her family as well. My sister, Mary, has only met Mitch twice. One being our wedding. So, she got to know him better which I sure like because when I call her for advice she has a better idea of who I am dealing with. :) It was also fun being with my nieces and nephews a little longer too.

Mitch and I are moving in with my brother's family soon. We'll be staying there until we go to Georgia. They just finished their basement so we'll have a lot of space which I am so excited about. It has been an adventure living in our little 400 square foot studio. We'll have two rooms and finally a closet big enough to hold all of out clothes. In the second room I'll be able to set up my scrapbooking projects and finally use my Cricut without having it take a half hour just to pull out and set up.

Last Sunday we attended our new ward and it was nice to finally know we'll be staying there for the next couple of months. We met a lot of people and everyone was so nice. It'll be kind of fun to go to church with my three nephews. Mitch and I sat in while Alec was set apart as the President of his elder's quorum presidency. It is neat to be apart of things like that. Tyler is preparing to go on a mission so I am hoping having Mitch around will help. In fact, his best friend, Smitty, just got called to the same mission as Mitch was in - Philadelphia. So, that is really exciting.

The next night we had a dutch oven cook off with the ward for FHE. We made Kaloni chicken in the dutch oven. It is a hawaiian dish and it was delicious. We all gathered at the park and I have never seen so much food in my life at a church event. There was probably at least 20 dutch oven dishes plus another 20-25 items people just brought from home. Everything was so good and we had a lot of fun making it with the boys. I think we're going to have a lot of fun living there. And, oooh the space, will be so freaking nice! AND we'll have easy access to a big kitchen with an oven! Actually, even two ovens! Woohoo!

I've got class until next Thursday so I've just been working on that in the meantime. Plus my other on-line class which I love. It is a Child Guidance class through BYU and it has been so worthwhile. I've learned a lot! Today we got back from a little camp out in our house trailer up at the Diamond Fork Campgrounds. We went on a hike around the discovery trail which was really interesting.

While we were walking around we found a man's check book with $300 in it. His name was Gene. We noticed he was from California so we walked around until we found a car with California license plates and returned it to him. Of course, Gene was so grateful and we sparked up a conversation with him. He has been traveling around the western US for the last 4 months competing in mountain biking. We talked to him for quite a while. He just stays in this little VW camper van that is pretty old but he loves it and travels all around. I was amazed how he was so content with such little living space. I've been reading "Major Decisions" by Henry J. Eyring. He quotes his grandfather who said, "I never meant someone I haven't learned something from." I want to apply that more to my life. Gene was following his dreams. He works 4 months of the year as a major lighting contractor. He hangs christmas lights and other decorative lights during holidays for major companies. The rest of the year he mountain bikes and lives where ever he can park his camper.

While still being a loving and supportive wife my dream right now is to find a path that will help me finish getting my bachelor's degree and perhaps gain even higher education. Obviously, that isn't my only goal and dream but it is high on my list.

Anyway, we were going to stay camping longer but it was too hot so we came home a day early. Tomorrow we are going on a Harley ride! My favorite kind of get away!

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