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September 14, 2010

Bug Bite

Well, I've been bitten by a bug. A travel bug. Mitch and I keep booking more and more mini vacations and I LOVE IT! Taking time off from school has been a blessing and an opportunity to become more diverse in other areas. Here is a little update on our past, present and future for the month of September.


Two weekends ago we took our house trailer up to the Uintahs. We camped at Soap Stone with my dad and two brothers Bob and Brad. I wish we had some more pictures but my camera died while we were up there so we only got a picture of our trailer and Mitch. My dad got some of all of us though so hopefully I can get them later. They are from his film camera though which seemed ancient to all of us. 


Last weekend we headed on my favorite get a ways! The Harleys. We were planning on going up to Jackson but the weather wasn't too good so we decided to head south instead. At first I wasn't too excited because I've seen down south a lot. We were just down in St. George. BUT I spoke too soon. I am so glad we did because I saw parts of Utah I've never seen before. Now, I get why people travel all around Utah for some of our National Parks.

Getting ready to go!
Lunch at the Bowery at Fish Lake
Riding around in Torrey
Mom and me getting ready to leave Torrey to head toward St. George
Dixie National Forest
Our group - 8 bikes - 16 riders
Grand Staircase
The girls
The guys
Mitch and Mom at Bryce

This was the last of our pics but we went down through Cedar and spent two nights in St. George. One of the days Mitch and I rode up through Gunlock reservoir. On the way home we went up by Brian Head and Panguitch - which was a really pretty ride.

We are relaxing in Alpine this week. We're looking for our new car that will carry us safely to Georgia. We sold my Jetta - sad day - but are looking on to bigger and better things. Gosh, I probably sound a little materialistic, but we are excited. We're looking at getting a Nissan Xterra. Mitch has spent hours and hours researching them. So, if you ever have a simple or extremely complex question on an Xterra I'll bet you $50 Mitch would know the answer. (This is my nice way of saying that perhaps he spends too much time on the computer looking at cars and not enough time helping with the laundry or dinner). 

Another exciting thing about this week is that we are going to church on Sunday. With all of our travels we haven't been able to be too active which makes things tense in our lives sometimes. I'm looking forward to going to our ward here in Alpine because everyone is so so so nice. The bishopric came over last week and visited with us. I think it is great  even though we are here for such a short period of time.

Meanwhile, this week I am working on my parenting class through BYU. I'm learning very useful information. I have access to great references on parenting philosophies mingled with church doctrine. It makes me want to start a family soon! This definitely is the major for me. I'm working with Colorado State University right now on an on-line degree for Human Development and Family Science. They're evaluating my transcripts right now and should let me know later this week how much I have to go to be in their program. Once I know, I will be able to better judge if it would be worth the extra time and money for the on-line route. We'll see.

The next month is going to be really exciting. A week from tomorrow we leave for New York City! We're taking a red eye flight to JFK and spending Thursday and Friday in the Big Apple. Saturday we're renting a car and driving down to Frederick, Maryland. We'll pass through Philly and maybe see the Liberty Bell. Mitch served in Philadelphia so we will do our best to hit some of the spots he visited. Maybe see some of his friends. Saturday night we will arrive at my brother, Josh's, home where we will stay until Wednesday.  We'll see Gettysburg, Antietam, Georgetown, Old Town Alexandria, Mt. Vernon, and of course Washington DC. We have a long list of things to see so we're ready to go!

The great thing is Tyler is coming with us so we'll be with family the whole time. It will be great. He is a great traveling buddy. We've grown up traveling together a lot and I think that will only continue to grow. When I was little our restaurant waiters always put me on the same bill as Tyler and his parents because my parents look more like my grandparents. Kind of funny. It will be fun when Ty has his own family and we can all travel together - that goes for all my nieces and nephews though too. I'm closer in age to most of them then my siblings. I'm also very excited to see Josh, Cyd, Ian, Lydia, and Logan. I thought August was going to be the last time I saw them for quite awhile. 

Within a day or two of returning home we'll be headed on an US mid-west road trip with Mike, my father-in-law. We're picking up his new fifth wheel from Michigan. We're along for some company but meanwhile we will be passing through a bunch of states. I'm assuming we will cover Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. The itinerary is up to Mike so I know we probably won't be able to spend a lot of time sight seeing. However, I know we are planning on seeing a couple of the church sights. I am thinking at least Nauvoo (at least I'm hoping) :) 

Right after that trip is the Deer Hunt so I'm sure we'll be back down at Fish Lake.

I think our travel plans stop there for right now. I tried to talk Mitch into a cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico but I think he is feeling a little overwhelmed. Which, is probably true! We need to save up for when we go cross country to Georgia. I've also been watching cruises from Jacksonville to the Bahamas. And Bob, keeps saying there are a lot of fun weekend trips from Savannah. So, we have plenty of adventures ahead of us!

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