Cassie Shepherd

September 17, 2010

A Little Straightening Up

This morning I had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Barrows. My super cute sister-in-law, well, of course, all my sisters are cute, but Jill works at his office. He is an orthodontist.

Lets back track for a minute here....
I got my braces off when I was in seventh grade and neglected to wear my retainers - what middle school kid doesn't? My first year of college I hated how much my teeth were moving so I had a retainer fitted to the back of my teeth to prevent any more from moving. This was great until I discovered I could no longer floss because my teeth were crooked and the retainer was too close to my gum line. For the last three years my dentist kept telling me that my teeth were going to rot away.

I was terrified of getting dentures in my thirties...okay, that probably wasn't a realistic thought - maybe a little dramatic. For the record Jill said that is usually an inaccurate assumption. It is rare for your front teeth to rot. But, to ease my fears my goal this morning was simply to get my retainer re-made and placed higher. However, I guess Dr. Barrows thought otherwise.

I now have braces - again!

Jill warned me she didn't think Dr. Barrows would like putting a jagged retainer on. Maybe one would think having to get braces on again is awful, but, frankly, I'm excited! It should be short term and they'll be off before I even know it. Our goal is before we move to Savannah, but once he started putting the little brackets on he thought it might take a little longer. I don't mind though. I think it'll be great to have straight teeth again.

Keep in mind, I only needed them on the bottom. My top teeth aren't that bad. So, when I smile you can hardly notice. I could take a picture and post it - but I imagine it wouldn't be that pretty. I don't think I'll humiliate myself. Braces don't usually look pretty - that is just a fact. However, knowing this I braced myself for the "brace face" commentary and decided to live it up while I had them on. To do this, I put halloween colored bands on. Yes, black and orange. And, yes, they look excellent! I wear the colors well - at least that is what I have to keep telling myself. Jill said she put the same colors on a 12 year old yesterday. I guess we'll see how long my halloween colors last. Jill did say she could change them any day so I may end up taking her up on that once the newness wears off.

So, in my posts to come - watch out for my cute metal mouth ;)

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