Cassie Shepherd

September 2, 2010

Mini Moab

A trip down memory lane. 

When I was in middle school my oldest brother, his family, and I were camping up at Skyline Drive over the Fourth of July weekend. He randomly bought a little PW 80 and YZ 100 for his boys to keep themselves entertained. I'm shorter than most so I began by riding the 80 especially since I didn't know how to ride clutch. I had a blast! Over the next couple of years I started reading dirt bike magazines and I eventually saved up to get my own bike. Originally, I thought I'd want a 125 but when I went shopping I discovered I was just too short and too small to handle one. I could barely, barley, barley touch the ground on one so I shifted gears to a CR 85. I haven't grown any since high school so frankly this is still the best bike for me, however, it is now in the hands of my nephews.

In high school I also started to really like trucks and off roading. I had a lifted Ford Ranger as my first vehicle. It was a fun first truck and it even survived two car accidents (and too many speeding tickets). Shortly after I graduated I got a Toyota Tacoma and lifted that as well. I sold my Tacoma once I was in college because it was too expensive to drive. I had a job where I needed to commute about an hour a day and it was soaking up my gas money like crazy. Ah, to grow up and be practical!

Mitch also grew up loving to dirt bike and off road. He had a couple bikes and four wheelers as well as a few trucks and a Jeep. 

Over the last year Mitch and I have rearranged some of our priorities for the best. We have a better understanding of becoming too materialistic. We have sold his BMW, my Jetta, and our snowmobiles. We bought a house trailer but are selling that too now that we're going to Georgia. It seems like we've lost all our fun toys over the last couple of years, but we are focusing on making sure we're prepared for our family first. I always tell Mitch after we have money to spare I'll get another Tacoma (as my third kind of vehicle) and my own sporty four wheeler. Our children and a paid off house are our first priorities. But after that - we'll have our toys back - for us and our kids! :)

My nephew, Tyler, reminds me of myself a few years ago. He is right out of high school and just bought a brand new dirt bike and a new Tacoma. Of course, Mitch and I couldn't pass up a trip out to West Desert with Ty last week to try out his new truck and teach him a little bit about off roading. We just had fun riding the bikes around and didn't worry about doing anything extreme this time around. It was good to be back off road and on the bikes again! 

Check out my socks!
After a long day of riding we headed home. We drove down a shaky, bumpy, dirt riveted road. Continued three or four miles down the high way. It was then Tyler realized he had left his phone on the tail gate. We pulled over. And there it was. Still safe and sound right where he left it. :)

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