Cassie Shepherd

October 19, 2010

DC Part III - National Monuments

We decided to do a night tour of the national memorials in DC. Josh told us that he had done this when he first moved to Fredrick and loved it. It was an enjoyable experience and I'm glad we chose to do it that way, because it really utilized our time well. Obviously, we saw the Washington memorial every where we went. We didn't take the time to walk right up to it though. We also saw the Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Einstein, Korean War, and Vietnam Wall memorials. My favorite was the Roosevelt, because I loved all of the reading all of the quotes and the symbolism behind the memorial.


Einstein - not many people know about this. It is a cool one to see because you can climb all over it :)

From the famous steps of Lincoln


Women from Vietnam



After a really long day and SO much walking we had dinner in Georgetown at La Madeleine. Delicious!

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