Cassie Shepherd

October 25, 2010

DC Part IV - Fractured Prune & The Capitol

On our second to last day we visited the National Mall again. However, before we were off we went out to breakfast at The Fractured Prune, a local donut shop in Frederick. I must say these were the best donuts I have ever tasted. Mitch and I joked that if we were to start a business in Utah - that this is what we would do. The donuts were ordinary cake donuts but they dipped them in sauces and any kind of toppings you could think of. They had everything from French Toast to Strawberry Shortcake. It was a great way to start our day!

We took the subway into DC and we had the pleasure of having my cute sister-in-law and nephew join us. I must say we had to move too fast through too many places. We started off with a short visit to the Library of Congress, headed to the Supreme Court, toured the Capitol, and ended at the National Archives.


We really didn't get to spend too much time in here. The thing I enjoyed the most was seeing the art work on the ceilings. The building is really gorgeous inside.



The tour of the capitol was one of my favorite parts of DC. One of my best friends, Chelsie, was in DC at the same time so we joined her and her roommate Tanya. They had arranged for one of their friend's friend, who was doing an internship at the Capitol, to give us a small tour.
Statue of Freedom
This is a replica of the statue that is on top of the Capitol.

I can't quite remember what this was, but it was something worth taking a picture of. Maybe the center of the Capitol. I know, at one point, it was planned to have George Washington buried there, but he refused because he said it was too much like a king being buried in his palace.

This is the cornerstone. It was cool to see and we especially liked seeing the Mason symbol of course.

This cross was engraved by the British soldiers during the Revolutionary War. They invaded the Capitol and set a part of it on fire. Unfortunately, they got trapped in this stair well and knew they were going to die. Hence the cross.

Brigham Young
Each state gets two statues that are in the Capitol, this is one of Utah's. Mitch and I laugh about this because we were told not to touch the statue. Instead, he is "hovering" to make it appear more natural.

The ending highlight of our tour was that we were able to go into where they hold the US Senate court. There was a session going on so we were able to watch a man present some of his ideas to the court for a few minutes. It was being broadcasted live. It was something like you would've seen on CNN or Fox. 


We can't take pictures inside but we did see the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

That evening we got to see the fabulous little town of Frederick that my brother loves so much. He took us to eat at "The Brewery." It was another great dinner and so fun to see all around his little town. We got to see his work and walk where we walks every day.

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