Cassie Shepherd

October 26, 2010

Georgia Update

We officially have found a place to live in Savannah! I am excited!!!

It is a two bedroom and two bath condo. New carpet and paint. We have a little screened in porch and a pool. It is close to school and so Mitch will be able to walk. This checks off our goal to just be able to have one vehicle. Here are a few preview pictures...

We've been fortunate to have contact with a couple in our ward. They are also attending South University so they actually helped find us this place to live. It is in their same complex which will be so nice because we'll know someone. It will be especially good for me because I know I am going to get so home sick. The girl, Deanna, that has been helping us has been a life saver. She took pictures of the condos near by and helped us sort through which were the best ones. I am so thankful for her and her husband. It makes the idea of moving out there somewhat easier. I hope we can settle right in with the ward as well. It will be nice to finally know we'll be in one place longer than a couple of months!!!

We are leaving the end of November. Our goal is the weekend after Thanksgiving. This will give us plenty of time to settle in and get to know our area before school starts. This takes some of the stress off, because I am sick of having to move and make changes so quickly. The transition will be less stressful, however, maybe a little harder because we will miss Christmas. This will be my first Christmas away from home. :( At least I'll be with my Mitchell.

We're debating on how to get there. Depending on the weather we might head straight east and hope to catch some of the church history sights. If not, we'll head south first and then go through Dallas and spend a night with my sister. Either way I think it'll be about 2000 miles. One long car ride.

It is less than a month away!


  1. Well Cassie it is now September 12, 2012 and I am very happy you two passed this way. It opened up a door so that now I am enjoying your lovely little condo! Very nice, quite and the people around here are very helpful! Thanks for passing through Georgia.