Cassie Shepherd

October 4, 2010

NYC Part III - 5th Avenue

H&M so kindly took over $200 from us. In fact, not only did we visit the two H&M's on 5th Ave, we also visited one on Broadway and one on 7th Ave. And, yes, we walked to all of them. After visiting the fourth one we discovered we would have to go back to the first one we were at. 640 5th Ave. We were looking for a specific size of jacket that Mitch really liked. We weren't about to walk all the way back up town so we decided to hop on the subway. Great idea.

We got side tracked and thought we would stop by the Manhattan Temple. We asked for directions to Columbus Ave and someone advised us the best stop. We weren't quite sure where we were when we got off the metro. I was thinking, "Geese, I sure don't think this would be the most ideal location for a temple." Come to find out, we were wandering around Harlem. Far, far, far off from the temple. It made for a fun side adventure though. Mitch did comment it was a good thing it was the middle of the day. We were definitely the minority and definitely probably not in the best part of town. Unfortunately, we never found the temple.

We finally ended back up at the 640 H&M. Thank goodness Mitch looks hot in his new jacket! In between all of the stores we came across the Empire State Building,  Rockefeller Plaza, St. Patricks Cathedral, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park and some other places like NBC, Fox, ect.

Fox News
Central Park

While we were in FAO Schwartz Mitch got SO excited in the Lego section. He kept looking at these tectonic legos and enthusiastically describing all of his previous masterpieces as a child. I told him if he liked them so much to just go ahead a buy one. He insisted not to because it was $60. I explained I'd be okay with it because, one day, it would be put to use by our children. He kept saying no so I gave up and walked toward the Barbies. A few minutes later he finds me - lego set in hand. :) This is one of the reasons why I love him.

We ended our last night in NY at Times Square again. We had a delicious dinner at Hard Rock and then headed back to our hotel. Over the course of two days we got a lot in. Most of the days we ran on little sleep, but it was worth it to see everything we did!

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