Cassie Shepherd

October 8, 2010


We just about went up to Palmyra instead of driving through Philadelphia to make our way to DC. I would've loved to have seen the Palmyra Temple and the Sacred Grove, however, our visit to Philadelphia was wonderful. What could be more exciting than seeing the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Penns Tower, and getting a Philly cheese steak? Well, actually, I'll tell you what. Mitch served his mission in the Philadelphia area so we were very fortunate to be able to visit with some of the people he worked with. They were amazing people and a joy to talk with. Though the visit was short, the experience was extremely humbling and very worthwhile.

June and Cherlynn Johnson
Brenda Davis
It is probably best not to discuss our Philly cheesesteak experience....
Note to self (and Mitch): stick with Jim's Steaks!!!
Constitution Center. Across the street from this is the US Mint. There are big signs outside that said we couldn't take pictures. I would've liked to sneak one in, but I was too chicken to do so. I didn't want any scary people tracking me down!
It is kind of ironic that my first visit to the Liberty Bell in 2006 happened the exact same week that Mitch first visited it. He was on his mission. We figured we missed each other by a couple of days. Now, we can say we've done it together 4 years later. :)
Independence Hall - as you can see it is undergoing a little construction. It doesn't make for a great picture!
Penns Tower
While we were driving through Philly Mitch couldn't stop talking about Wawa and Rita's. Wawa is basically equivalent to a 711 convenience store. They carry "the BEST Oreo milk." Of course, Ty and I were curious as to what Oreo milk was like. When we got there I noticed the drink (actually called Cookies and Cream) consisted of 600 calories! I asked Mitch to split one with me. His response will come to a surprise to most people who know him. He shares anything and everything because it means it is cheaper. So, it was mind blowing when he said he wanted his very own! I wish he could've chosen something with fewer calories! None the less, it was delicious. It was so rich that I couldn't even finish it, which is probably a good thing!
Rita's was his other craving. Ahhhh. Ty and I have been talking about it ever since. It is like a Snowasis (for those of us here in Alpine) but we could argue it is better. It has a little bit different texture of cream, like a custard, and then flavored ice. I had mango, Ty had Swedish Fish, and Mitch had cherry. It was SO good. A definite must go if anyone ever goes through Philly!!!

We dropped our rental car off in Baltimore and that is where Josh and Cyd picked us up. Seeing long distance family is always the best! I love my brother, his wife, and three kids. It has been hard to have them so far away. The rest of the vacation was even better because we got to spend time with them!

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