Cassie Shepherd

October 27, 2010

Project Great White

My cute husband finally decided on a car. We did a lot of research and tested a few different SUVs before we finally decided on a Jeep about a month ago. Would a Cherokee normally have been my first choice? No. Probably not. However, Mitch just got SO excited when he started looking for one. So, I couldn't help but give in. He promised that one day he'd buy me my white BMW or Mercedes (my choice) if I'd give in and go with a Jeep now.

In all practicality this really was one of the best vehicles we could've chosen though. Most of the SUVs we were looking at were double the price. We need a SUV so we can haul our things to Georgia. For the price a Cherokee made sense because we got a lot of space and we could still pull a small trailer.

Mitch said he wouldn't have minded keeping our Jeep stock, but I knew that was not an option for me. If we were going to HAVE to get a Jeep - keeping it stalk would've been a joke. I think Mitch knew I would go for this anyway. He had his lift kit all planned out before I even knew he was considering this. When he approached me with the idea I was opposed at first, but, like I said, I couldn't help but be excited with him because he was thrilled. He had a Wrangler in high school that I've heard him talk about numerous times so this new project was just what he wanted.

My conditions: clean, lift, white, black wheels, and a pink Harley Davidson sticker.

We did some mighty shopping, but came across a great deal on this one! (If you know Mitch - he wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't) It was stalk and in PRISTINE condition. I mean, perfect. It had been owned by an older lady who kept seat covers, dashboard mats, bug guards, and factory mud flaps on it. The paint was perfect. Really, we couldn't have gotten a cleaner Cherokee. Most of the ones we had driven were beat up. I mean, it is mostly used as an off road toy and people just don't take that good of care of them. It is a 1999 (which Mitch insisted on) and you'd never know it. We got great milage (under 90k). It was also garage kept.

Okay, so then started the project. "Project Great White" to be exact.



The work:

  • 4.25" Rubicon Express Superflex Lift
    • Iron rock offroad - HD adjustable trac bar and bar pin eliminator kit
  • 31" BFG All Terrains
  • 15" Pro-Comp Wheels
  • Tint 
  • Magna Flow Exhaust 

It runs smoother than we expected. There is a small vibration once you hit around 40 that Mitch is going to fix by putting in a slip-yolk-eliminator (apparently this is a big deal, but don't ask me what it does). 

All in all, it'll be a good vehicle in Georgia. I like it. It may not be ideal, but it'll be fun for now. Eventually, I have a feeling Mitch will turn it into a complete toy. For now, we're just going to keep it clean though. 

Hey, at least if we ever get flooded in Savannah we'll be able to plow through it...

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