Cassie Shepherd

November 17, 2010

Less than two weeks!

We are definitely leaving for Georgia on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We'll spend the first night in New Mexico near Albuquerque, the second night in Texas with my sister, and the third night how ever far ten hours of driving from Flowermound will take us. If all goes as planned we'll be into Savannah by the 30th.

I've applied for two jobs there already. However, I don't think I'll have much luck. They are both in pre-schools. One is NAEYC accredited and the qualifications spoke quite a bit about being developmentally appropriate - which I would highly prefer. When I submitted the applications both places responded saying they are having a high volume of applicants. It is a little frustrating because here I had three job offers with out hardly trying because I knew people in my field. Out there I am just another random teacher who needs a job. I'm hoping I can land something once I get out there. I think my chances will be a little better because I can actually go into the places and apply. Perhaps, I'll try to do some volunteering to get to know people. If not, I'll have to find a temporary job in something not as desired. I'm praying that isn't the case though. Either way I know we could go awhile with out me working. However, I think I'll have a harder time adjusting once Mitch is in school and I have nothing to do to keep me busy. I get home sick just thinking about being bored out there.

Time has flown by here. We have a lot more going on than I expected in our last week here. Today we painted at my brother's house and then Mitch has been getting the Jeep ready for her long journey. Tonight was Enrichment. It was humanitarian projects which I always enjoy because they usually involve some kind of fun craft. I helped make tu-tus that will be sold on behalf of Primary Children's Hospital. They turned out very cute and I couldn't believe how easy they were to make.

The rest of the week will be busy. Tomorrow we have to tie up things with our health insurance and get our trailer rented. In the evening we're going to see Les Mis in theaters. It is a broadcast of the 25th anniversary performance in London performed with the original cast. I'm excited! I've seen some clips on You Tube and I know it will be amazing.

Thursday some close friends of ours are giving us a little good-bye party. Friday I'm going to breakfast with my cute visiting teachers and then out to lunch with my family for Brad's birthday. I'm hoping we might sneak in Harry Potter too :)

I'm hoping to squeeze a temple trip in over the rest of the weekend. It may be a while before we get to go again. Atlanta is the closest Temple and it is four hours away. That is going to be a big adjustment for me! I know I take advantage of living so close to so many Temples and now I'm really going to feel it. I'm hoping our ward does Temple trips, but I don't know. It is awfully far away for a one day trip. If not, I'm hoping Mitch and I can arrange to go into Atlanta. I'd like to try for once a month, but that may be pushing it with his schooling. We'll see.

Packing won't be too difficult considering a lot of things are already packed and are in our Georgia pile at my brother's house. Yes! We'll spend most of Monday and Tuesday getting out clothes and the rest of our rooms packed. Wednesday we'll pick up the trailer and load it full of everything. We're celebrating Thanksgiving with the Shepherds on Wednesday night. We will probably spend the night there and then Thursday come into Salt Lake to be with my family. We're going to spend the night there on Thursday so we can get up and do some Black Friday shopping.

Mitch has to wear business dress to school every day so we're hoping to get him some good deals on some nice new shirts and slacks.

Before Thursday I have to get in my last final. I finished my last essay last night at 12:30 and so I'm one test away from my degree. It'll be a nice feeling to finally have it over. At least for now. One day when Mitch is out of school and we can afford to have me in school I'll start back up on my bachelors. :)
We'll spend Friday night back in Mapleton in order to give us an extra hour start on Saturday morning.
Overall, I think the move will go well and low stress. At least, that is what I'm really planning on. It is my hope that by leaving earlier than we planned it'll make the transition easier. Once we're in Georgia we'll have a full month to unpack and go shopping! Which, will be therapeutic! It'll be nice to finally be in our own place. It is long over due.

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the last few weeks at home!!!

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