Cassie Shepherd

November 21, 2010

Saying Good-Bye

This last week we've spent time with friends and family in order to grasp our last moments with them before the move. Chelsie gathered some of our old group of friends together (primarily, the whole Timothy family) and she made some delicious desserts including some chocolate covered red velvet cake that was to die for. We haven't all been together since before we were married so it was great to see everyone again. We did a lot of catching up and made fools of ourselves while we played the new XBox Kinect. They'll all be missed!

We spent another night out to dinner with Matt and Meg (and, of course, cute baby Ellie). After, they came back up to our place and stayed until almost 4 AM. Matt and Mitchell were doing the usual - you tube videos. And, Meg and I did the usual - talk and talk and talk. Mitch and Matt already have their Grand Turismo "dates" planned. Likewise, Meg and I will be meeting up on Skype. She is my weekly temple buddy. We usually collaborate to solve our life's current events so Skype is essential for our survival.

Friday morning I went out to breakfast with Emily, Mindy and Kelly (VT group). I wish I could've had more time with these women because they were all so nice and I feel like I could learn a lot from them. Perhaps our paths will cross again one day.

After, breakfast was Brad's birthday lunch at Sweet Tomatos. This was the last sibling lunch where we celebrated birthdays. Frankly, with three of the six siblings out of state it might be a little hard to plan any more. It is going to be such an adjustment not seeing my family on a weekly basis! It is weird to think. Really, I'm trying not to think too much about it.

Next week I think we're going to try to sneak in some time with a few last friends. I especially would like to see Carli. We'd planned to see each other Friday but she went into labor! I'm happy Rigby is finally here, but it may put dent in getting to see them before we're off. Hopefully we'll get some time to see them though!

We've started packing, but Monday I've got a full day scheduled of must dos before we leave. It is going to be one busy busy busy week!

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