Cassie Shepherd

November 21, 2010

Temple Date Night & Some Good News

Last night Mitch and I did our first session in the Salt Lake Temple. It is a live session, which I knew, but it was still different than I expected. The experience was beautiful and I'm glad we made the time. I always get excited to go to the temple with Mitch! I'm disappointed that shortly we'll live further away from one. Every time we go there is a special spirit and I'm going to miss having that conveniently nearby.

My goal is to create a peaceful environment at home in which the spirit can always dwell. I wouldn't say we haven't done that before, but I want to try extra hard to capture and KEEP that feeling at home. It won't be the same, but I hope we can come close!

While I was writing this post I was searching the distance between Savannah and other temples in the southeast region. I discovered there is a temple in Columbia, South Carolina which is actually only three hours away!!! Yes! We could easily go once a month and maybe even more! I'm excited, comforted, and grateful! What a wonderful surprise!

The Atlanta temple is about 4 1/2 hours away. However, going into Atlanta I'm sure we'd hit lots of traffic so hopefully that isn't going to be the same going into SC. I didn't realize how close we were to SC. We're practically minutes away. I'll probably ask Deanna if she has been and how far the one in Columbia really is.

We've also talked about visiting some of the other temples in the general south east part of the US. The Orlando temple is about 5 hours away so that wouldn't be bad at all. Plus, we might just conveniently stop by Disney World. :)

The Birmingham Alabama Temple is closer to 7 hours away. That'd be a little longer trip, but still doable. Nashville, Memphis,  Louisville and DC are also in the "southeast region" but they're close to nine or ten hours away. We visited the DC grounds in September, but we might be back up there to see family. However, really, being close to Columbia is good enough for me!!!

Columbia, South Carolina Temple

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