Cassie Shepherd

December 25, 2010

Casa de Mitchell y Cassie

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday we took some video of our place with the new camera Mitch got me for Christmas. He was so excited and he insisted I open it early so we could use it today. I was very surprised and it was perfect!

This morning has been wonderful as well. Mitch got me an external hard drive and a tennis racquet. I've been bugging him for as long as we've been dating to play tennis with me so I'm really excited. We're going to go out next week and get him a racquet too.

Our families sent us with gifts from home as well. We're thankful for all they gave us. Everything was great and so thoughtful.

The last couple of nights we've spent with families from our ward. The Bishop lives on Wilmington Island and we played games and socialized with some other couples from our ward on Thursday. Christmas Eve we spent with the Brannan family. Mitch Brannan is the first counselor in the bishopric and his sister, Michelle, is Relief Society president so I'll be working with her a lot. We had such a great time at both places and I'm so thankful we've met so many great people thus far. Also, on Wednesday night we delivered gifts to some families in our ward. It was neat to take part in the giving. The happiness that we saw was priceless.

This evening we're going to the Wiley's home for some "southern Christmas cooking." She is in the RS presidency as well so it'll be nice to get to know Sister Wiley and her children better.

It is a long story which perhaps I'll share another day, but I start a new job on Monday. Another pre-school, but I'll be teaching the 3 year old class instead. Which, I'm happy about. It is a great offer and I think I'm going to be happier there. I'll miss the people and kids at The Children's House, but I look forward to working at Little One's with Savannah Memorial Hospital.

On New Year's Eve we are chaperoning at the stake youth dance. Pancakes at 12:30 :) I'll write more later this week hopefully.

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  1. I just came across your blog and had a nice visit here. I hope you like it out in Georgia. My sister lives in Lawrenceville (near Atlanta) and wishes to be back in Utah.
    I like your font for your post titles!