Cassie Shepherd

December 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After 2200 miles and 42 hours of driving we are finally in Savannah. We arrived here on Tuesday and have been busy busy busy. We seem to get one part of the apartment organized then turn around and are overwhelmed by another box pouring out something else. Its a good thing we can organize well because if not we would be in big trouble. We rented a 5x9 trailer which is pretty tiny. However, we filled almost every inch we possibly could.

The first evening we were here we went and drove around downtown. It is prettier than I remember! We ate at a hole in the wall restaurant called "Sweet Potatoes: A Southern Exposure Kitchen." Delicious. Anyone who comes to visit us will for sure be going there. It is right around the corner from us.

We visited South's campus so Mitch could show me around. It is small, but new and nice. He is getting excited to start. It is extremely close to where we live. Within walking distance.

The church here is probably closer than my home ward was back in Utah. That was a pleasant surprise. Sacrament starts at 9:30. I hope we can meet some more people and get involved. I'm ready to have a calling and serve. It has been too long. I've also tried to keep in mind and be prepared that we might have some missionary opportunities out here.

It was 80 degrees, but since it has cooled down quite a bit. We were sweating up a storm the first day and now we're pulling out our winter coats. It got cold fast.

We've met some of our neighbors and they were all friendly and great examples of southern hospitality. We also met someone from our ward, Devin. He helped us move in. Charles and Deanna (they live in the same complex as us) are on an internship in California until January so we haven't met them face to face yet. I am so excited and so thankful to be here. I think we're going to love the area.

We live about a half hour from the beach. We're hoping as we get a little more settled in we can take an evening trip over there. Anyone and everyone that we've talked with said there are so many great things to see here. A lot of day trips and weekend vacations.

Our kitchen and bedroom are just about organized. The walls in the master are painted kind of a blueish green color so I'm having a very hard time trying to decorate in there. We have brown bedding so I think it makes it extra difficult. I wish we could paint. I think I'm going to go with a green accent though. It won't match the walls very well. However, Mitch said he is getting tired of everything in neutrals so I think I'll have to spice it up. Green is probably about the closest color I'll be able to match in there.

We have very little furniture. Shopping Craig's List has become our new hobby. We still haven't bought anything though. We're hoping to find a couch and a washer and dryer. A few other odds and ends but those items are the most crucial.

In the office we decided to go with two card tables as a desk. All the ones on Craigs were ugly and all the ones in the store were too pricy. We liked the idea because we know we'll always use card tables and they're easy to move. We bought a bookshelf for the office as well, but we still need to figure out some organizing for my scrapbooking things. Mitch's clothes had to come to the office closest. I filled up our walk in closet and dresser. Plus, we had to go buy some more plastic drawers because I still had things that wouldn't fit. We looked into buying another dresser, but same issue as the desk. The plastic drawers work great. They're packed, but they do the job.

It is hard to think about decorating for Christmas. We have so many random things everywhere and no tables or anything to really put decor on. I did hang up our door santa out side. I also put up "Merry Christmas" blocks above our sink. But, other than that, it might look like the middle of July here. It doesn't feel like Christmas is a few weeks away. I'm not quite sure if we will make it to getting a tree up. Maybe. Just a lot on the list to do.

Job hunting begins next week. It might be tough right before Christmas, but hopefully I can find something. Anything to start with. Mitch and I were out to eat at CiCi's Pizza today and it kind of settled in how much moving and really starting up our own place costs. I'm really grateful we have a good savings and are prepared financially to be here. I'm glad we don't have to pull out extra school loans to be living off of. It works for some people, but it is comforting to know we're doing okay.

I've already felt relief in mine and Mitchell's relationship. We seem to be doing a lot better. We were under a lot of stress living with family on and off over the last year. For the first time we truly have our own place that we have to work hard to maintain and I'm thankful for that. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to those in our family who have helped us start off, but I also see a lot of value in being able to make our own decisions; right or wrong.

In Wal-Mart today we had one of our most effective communicating moments. Mitch said, "Wow. This is what I call good communication." :) We're starting to effectively practice what we've been learning in relation to getting along. We've had a rough couple of months, but we're on a good track now. I feel happier than I have in a long time. We're getting settled, something long over due.

I am already seeing a lot of benefits for living out of state. The number one and probably most important thing is I'm seeing how much we're already learning. There is much more to life outside our little Utah bubble. I like it. I may want to some day return to Utah, but for right now I'm excited to be on this adventure. I'm excited to learn new things and meet new people. I'll get home sick here shortly. I know it. But, until then, I'm grateful we're finally here and doing well.


  1. I lurk a lot - reading but not commenting. Just wanted to let you know I miss you and glad to hear you are settling you.