Cassie Shepherd

December 20, 2010

Working Class

I felt I better write a little update because today was my first day working.

I got a job as the lead teacher at "The Children's House" here in Savannah. I'd prefer to be working with a little older children, but unfortunately a position wasn't open at this time for that age group. I'll be teaching two year olds.

When I first got here Mitch and I looked up some local child center's and "The Children's House" was the first place I called to see if they were hiring. They currently weren't, but the director asked me to come in so she could meet me. I did and at that point she said she would keep me in mind if anything ever came up.

The director passed my information along to the CEO and apparently she was impressed with what she saw. She called me directly and invited me back into the center for another short meeting about a position.

I was close to receiving another job offer at this time because I knew they had checked my references. I had only interviewed with two companies (including The Children's House) but both seemed interested. I put any other applications on hold to see where these leads would go even though I was invited to apply at a few others.

When I returned to The Children's House I was offered a job right on the spot. After discussing the positive's and negatives of the job with Mitch I accepted the position the next day. I was mostly drawn to this position because of the leadership opportunities and the chance to help make a difference in the transformation of a new center. I felt there was a little more room for growth here. Also, the people I was introduced to all seemed very pleasant and easy to work with. Specifically, the director and her assistant seemed to recognize my strengths and talents and knew where we needed to use them.

I've been well informed that the center I'm working with is going to be going through some mighty changes over the next couple of years. Basically, right now, it is your average day care. However, they're beginning the process to become NAEYC accredited which is why they were interested in me. Frankly, I don't know if I would've gone with this job if they weren't moving toward that goal because I'm not a fan of day cares. Nonetheless, I accepted a position to help transform their center. My job title will be "teacher and trainer." There are many women who are excellent in managing their classroom, but as we switch to the NAEYC accreditation there are some habits that will need to change within many of the classrooms. This will make everyone's job easier though and the children will benefit probably more than some of the teachers and the children's parents even realize.

I'm excited to be apart of the change. Though I believe it will be very difficult and time consuming I am up for the challenge and hope I can make some changes for the good. I also hope I can positively influence the other employee's and help improve their teaching styles in order to better meet the children's needs. I believe I'll learn a lot in this kind of position too. I like being kept on edge with new challenges.

My first day was a bit overwhelming. I can already feel strain in my voice from lots of talking. Tomorrow I'm bringing some water bottles. There are a lot of things that I'd like to implement and change in my classroom, but it will take time. I suspect it will be a few months before we can look back and see some drastic differences. I am hopeful we'll get there though through small and simple steps.

I'm very glad I came in right before Christmas because our numbers are few so it is giving me a chance to adjust. We only had nine children today and normally we have sixteen. Both of my co-teachers seem wonderful and I'm also excited to work with them. I think we'll all benefit from our collaboration.

As a side note Mitch and I are happy to announce we own some beautiful leather couches which are brand NEW! We are also proud owners of a NEW white front load washer and dryer. Santa came early this year. Merry Christmas to us :)

Also, I feel I better mention that Mitch and I have received some callings in our ward. We're both VERY excited with what we'll be doing and pray that we'll be able to magnify them in the best way possible.

Mitch was called to be a Varsity Scout Leader so he'll be in scouts with the 14-18 year olds. He is absolutely thrilled! He keeps talking about how excited he is and he seems to have already found ways to relate to the young men. I hate to admit it, but the Jeep has turned out to be quite a favorite in the ward. It seems we always have someone different wandering around it when we come out from church. I'm sure it will prove to be most useful for some scouting events.

I was called last Sunday to be a Young Women's advisor, but yesterday morning I met with the bishopric and they said there had been some changes that needed to be made. After much prayer they said they truly felt I belonged with the Young Women, however, after more praying they also felt I belonged in the Relief Society. Our RS presidency needed some changes due to the president moving last week so I was considered to be put into the Relief Society instead. I accepted their calling of the second counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. I was somewhat shocked at first, especially when I discovered the presidency is mostly made up of women who are much older than me.  Overall, I'm really happy and humbled to be serving in the RS though. I told the president I felt somewhat inadequate, but she was so nice and made me feel like I'll be able to really help out.

Things have fallen right into place and I'm glad. We're feeling settled and we're finally on a solid path. It is nice to finally feel like we're where Heavenly Father can use us and where we can establish and utilize our talents.

We'll be busy this week. Wednesday night is scouts for Mitch and I'll be helping the High Council deliver Christmas presents and caroling. Thursday we have a Christmas get-together at the Bishop's house. Friday I luckily don't work and we don't have anything really planned yet. I'm thinking we might enjoy a Christmas Eve dinner out and about in downtown Savannah. Saturday, Christmas Day, we were invited for dinner at Sister Wisley's home. She is the secretary in the RS so I'll be working closely with her.

I'm looking forward to the week even if it is busy. Busy is good right now for us. I'm thankful for being busy. We're learning a lot and hopefully we'll be making a difference somewhere a long the way.

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  1. Phewf! Good luck with your new job!
    Hope you guys are enjoying Georgia... Sounds like a lot of fun to me!!
    Have a Merry Christmas Cass! Miss you.