Cassie Shepherd

January 18, 2011

"Miss Cassie, your eyes are breaking"

My eyes are blood shoot. Whether that be from dry contacts or the head cold that has lingered for over three weeks now, I'm not quite sure. One of my students was very concerned yesterday after hearing me cough and cough. He came over to the teacher chair, looked into my eyes, scrunched his forehead and said,  "Oh no...Miss Cassie, your eyes are breaking. What are those little red lines?"

The first weekend I worked at The Children's House I came home with a cold and have not been able to shake it transitioning into my new job. My boss calls it the "Georgia Crud." I don't seem to be the only one that has it. Most of my students, co-workers, and some friends from church have it as well. Tis the season. I also heard I might be experiencing harsher symptoms due to a severe altitude change. Hmmm?

Work has had its ups and downs for various reasons. I'm staying positive and do quite enjoy it though. How can I not with such concerned little ones?

Mitch is really enjoying school. He feels his anatomy and physiology classes won't be as hard as they were at UVU. The material is new, but the way it is presented isn't as difficult. His other courses will be tough, but he is confident he'll do well. I think it is more the amount of work that is overwhelming versus the difficulty level. There is definitely a lot of new material, but it is not necessarily harder to learn. As the semester gets moving I'm sure he'll have an even better feel for the pace of the program.

We found out that if we choose to come home to do our rotations, which would be a year from April, then Mitch would have to fly back into Savannah every 5 weeks for testing. That would last a year. I think that increased our chances of staying here longer. We're still unsure though. When we return to Utah we've talked heavily about living in St. George. Ideally, that is where I'd like to be. That is still a long way away, but I like the thought of it there. We got an add for the home shows this week down there. We're sad we don't get to go. That was always a February highlight.

Mitch is going camping this weekend and I have to work Saturday. It probably won't be too bad though because it is a NAEYC training meeting which I will particularly enjoy I think. Plus, maybe a little bit of overtime!

We've met some great friends through the PA program and have spent some weekend nights with them. A couple weekends ago we went out to a restaurant downtown called Mellow Mushroom. It was kind of a hippy place that served pizza. There were probably about 30 PA students there. We met some friends that are about our age and hooked up with them downtown again last weekend at Moon River Brewery. Afterward we went to Corey and Melissa's place with Matt and Jessica to play games. It was fun and good to get away from work and school. Hanging out downtown is the place to go. It is a live and full of people on the weekends.

We also went to my first work party at Tony Roma's two weeks ago. That was nice to get to know some of the other girls outside of work.

This Thursday we have a welcome dinner at Blowing Smoke BBQ for the PA class of 2013. I'm really enjoying all these new places to eat!

We're still meeting so many new people through church too. There is a neat family, the Rindlisbachers, who moved in right before school started. Jeremy, Grace, and their son. It is cool though because Jeremy is in the PA program with Mitch. I thought it was nice to have another mormon in the class. Jeremy is from Idaho and Grace is from California. They went to BYU-I. We've had dinner with them as well and they brought some homemade bread over yesterday. Such nice people. Everyone is nice! In fact, I haven't really came across anyone who hasn't been nice here.

My calling has been going well. I'm blessed to be getting to meet so many sweet women. They're all unique and have their own stories and experiences to learn from. I love the diversity of their spiritual levels and lifestyles. I looked over our RS roster yesterday and I think we have close to over 300 women in the ward. Now, there are many of those women who aren't active right now. There are many who are though. I have a lot of people to meet either way. I want to try to get to know as many, personally, as I can.

Today is my oldest nephew, Tyler's, birthday. He is 19 now. That is SO weird for me to comprehend because I was 19 when I met Mitch. That doesn't seem that long ago! In fact, it was three years ago yesterday, the 17th, that I met him. Thank goodness I did or else I probably wouldn't be here! I know though, without a doubt, we're on the right path. :)


  1. Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun! I hope your eyes start feeling better soon.

  2. Glad things seem to be going well out there! You're a brave girl - I think I'd be terrified to be out there alone! :)
    Miss you Cass!