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February 5, 2011

Air Horns, Confetti, and One VERY Shocking Birthday!

Waffle House
Last night at 3 AM I was dramatically awakened by my oldest brother, Bob, and his son, Tyler, blowing air horns and shooting confetti in our room. I was SO scared and latched onto Mitch, but he was like, "It's okay! It's okay! Look who it is...." Once I realized who it was I was pleasantly surprised!!! What a wonderful birthday gift!!!

I was really confused as to WHY they were in Savannah and waking me up at 3 in the morning. Still half asleep I couldn't quite grasp how they had even got here. They were on there way back to Utah from NYC and changed their flights to have a detour down here. They flew into Jacksonville and then drove up to surprise me for my birthday. Mitch left the door unlocked right before we went to sleep and they sneaked in about two hours later.

It didn't take long for me to really wake up. I was so excited to see someone in my family. I was just telling someone at work two days ago how this would be my first birthday without seeing any of my family. But, I guess not :)

3 AM

We got up and got dressed. The surprises didn't stop. They had a dozen long stemmed pink roses and some gifts out in our living room from the rest of my family back home. We opened them and then headed to Waffle House for a yummy pecan waffle breakfast. Yum! 

We settled back in around 4:30 AM, but it took me a while to go back to sleep because I was still SO happy.

Mitch definitely had been acting suspiciously the last couple of days. A couple of nights ago at 8:00 he had the sudden urge to go to Sam's Club to "get some food." The funny thing was that once we got there he didn't even go to the food. He went right to an air bed. He acted really excited about getting one (which isn't any different then his normal reactions so I didn't suspect anything.) I tried to convince him to wait on buying one until we knew for sure someone was ever going to come visit us. Finally I agreed to buy one when he convinced me that since it was a "seasonal item" we would buy it now and keep the box and return it if we needed to.

On Thursday Mitch was overly anxious to clean the house. Which, normally I have to pull his teeth to remind him to help out. At first I didn't even want to clean it because it wasn't even dirty. But, I thought, maybe just maybe he is catching on! He is sincerely trying to make an effort to help out. I jumped right on that and started helping him clean our almost clean house anyway.

On Friday night it was starting to be a little over kill when Mitch wanted to clean up the papers off of our tables, organize the office again, and really scrub the counter tops. Two days of cleaning in a row? Hmmmm.

I must say we've had a FANTASTIC day. Mitch surprised me with three cases of Diet Dr. Pepper, new beach flip flops, a "Salt Life" t-shirt and sticker for the Jeep. "Salt Life" is a popular ocean brand down here. It'll be perfect to wear to our day trip down to Jacksonville, FL tomorrow! Bob flies out early in the morning from Savannah, but Ty is flying out tomorrow night from Jacksonville so we get to spend the day further south! 

We have lots of pictures from today, but I'll post those later. We spent all day down town practically eating and eating and eating. We also drove out to Tybee Island. It was beautiful. We still have a special night out down town again though! We're going to dinner at.....drum roll..........RUTHS CHRIS! Only my FAVORITE restaurant in the whole world! We have reservations for 10:00 because that is the only time we could get in and plus we are trying to be hungry again. 

Bring on the filet and creme brulee! This is the best birthday ever! 

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