Cassie Shepherd

February 13, 2011

Day Trip to Jacksonville

Amelia Beach
On our way down to Jacksonville we helped a man and his family who ran out of gas. He was the author of a book about Robert E. Lee's christian life. Anyway, he told us Jacksonville covers the largest square feet area in the United States. It isn't a very large city itself. Most of the square footage is swamp lands.

When we got into the city we drove a little more south to Jacksonville Beach and stopped at Rita's for some delicious italian ice and custard. I haven't found a slushy that I like better. It is the custard that makes it so good. We will definitely be making lots of trips there and into SC to visit Rita's during our time here.

For some reason I was convinced there was an IKEA in Jacksonville. I had all my birthday money ready to spend, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. The closest one is actually almost 5 hours away. I was really disappointed.

After we dropped Ty off at the airpot, Mitch and I went to Amelia Beach instead of our planned outing to IKEA. I wish it was warmer, but it was still fun and a pretty beach. Mitch could drive around the beach with his Jeep and, of course, he loved it.

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