Cassie Shepherd

February 16, 2011

Future Is Looking Bright

Well, I started my new job today. It almost doesn't feel like a job because I like it so much. Is that possible?

The girls I work with are cute as can be. I do have to maintain a pretty strict attitude with them though. Partially because that is what they need after the lifestyle they used to live and partially because I need to respect the parenting wishes of their mother and father. I met with their Mom and Dad for lunch today and it was nice to get to know them even more. I feel like we'll all get a long real well. I also worked with their nanny that is leaving so I could get a feel for their routine. Grandma is in town until March so I'll be working with her as well.

I suspect it'll be a smooth transition for them - as smooth as it can be. I know they'll test me in the weeks to come and I have a good feel for what they can and cannot do. Overall, the future looks bright for all of us.

I had a wonderful morning cleaning the house, working on taxes, and looking over Relief Society work. Ah, I'm so grateful for the hours I am working. It makes all the difference to have an extra few hours in the morning. I know I'll be able to get a lot more done. I also know that the Lord expects me to use my time wisely though. I want to make sure I keep a balanced time set a side for RS.

I'm working on a slide show for our Additional Relief Society Meeting in March. It will be in celebration of the RS Birthday. We'll do a formal type dinner brought in. The slide show will consist of slides and (hopefully) clips on the history of Relief Society. If I can't get the clips to work then I'll probably have a narrator or add in some short parts to read. I'll experiment with it over the weekend.

This week Michelle, the president, asked me to check up on one of the sisters in the ward that she felt needed some attention. Great thing was - I already had because I had felt it too. Also, I've kept feeling like I wanted to start a book club. I didn't really think it was the spirit talking - just me. However, finally I got up the nerve to talk to some of the other women. The idea has kicked off well and we've got a date set next month to have our first meeting here at our place. I casually mentioned it to Michelle in our meeting tonight and she seemed pleasantly surprised. She explained how we must really be on the same page because when she was president last time she started up a book club. To my surprise she was very interested and we're now announcing it on Sunday so everyone gets the invite.

It amazes me how the spirit talks to us. When it needs to be done, he keeps prompting until we are ready to listen. I also have found this to be my first experience in which I've truly felt him work between us as a presidency. I mean, I know he has been there and we've all been in tune. However, it is just neat how it worked. I love serving with all of the women that I do (not just the presidency). I know he dwells between all of us and I'm grateful we have that stability in our lives.

I've often wondered lately how others cope without the Gospel. I know some of it has to do with never being exposed to the feelings of a true testimony. Michelle and I were talking tonight about how so many people turn to drugs or alcohol to cope and it is so sad.
She shared with me this scripture in Mormon 5:2:
"But behold, I was without hope, for I knew the judgments of the Lord which should come upon them; for they repented not of their iniquities, but did struggle for their lives without calling upon that Being who created them."
We all struggle, but I can't imagine struggling and not knowing how to turn to our Father in Heaven.

This coming Monday we have a stake temple trip to the Columbia, SC Temple. I already know it will be a very special trip. The temple is opening just for our stake even though it is a Monday AND a holiday. I'm thankful for those willing to come in and serve. Sister Wiley, the RS secretary, will be receiving her endowment. I'm really excited to be apart of that.

I miss being home with my family. I love them so much. I'm looking forward to hopefully visiting home during the month of July. Meanwhile, I definitely have found so much comfort in the families and friends that we get to spend time with here. They've made all the difference in our lives.

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