Cassie Shepherd

February 26, 2011

Leading Them to Him

What a special trip we had together as a ward. Let me sum up the day by saying we had a very good turn out. In fact, it was so good that some of us didn't get to do any of the work. As a presidency, we've been inspired to encourage a monthly temple trip versus one every once in a while. We all feel it is needed.

My mom shared a great article from the January Ensign with me shortly after I told her about our day at the temple. It fits perfectly as to how I've been feeling lately. It is called, "My Role Was to Lead Them to Him." There truly are many responsibilities that come being in the presidency, but this is of the upmost importance. There is so much we learn that sisters need. As I scan the sisters on Sunday or our other ward activities, I think the exact same thing as Sister Johnson, "How in the world can we reach every one of these sisters and help them?"

She describes it perfectly when she says her, "goal wasn't to fix the problems of the sisters but to do everything I could to help them come to know their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so that They could help them."

I don't necessarily think this article applies just to the Relief Society presidencies out there though. It applies to all of us - missionaries, librarians, teachers, home teachers, visiting teachers, the youth, the primary, the elders quorum, everyone. The examples we set and the small acts we do is what defines us. It is all of our roles to support leading each other to Him.

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