Cassie Shepherd

March 10, 2011

Big Town or Spiritual Directions?

Today I ran into one of the parents of a child in my class at my second job here. This is the second time this week that I've had a connection with someone in a weird way. Perhaps I'll share the other on a different day. As I've explained these short happenings to people, they keep saying, "Oh yes. Savannah is a just a big town and you'll always run into someone you know." However, the more I've thought about it the more I realize it isn't just a, "big town." The Spirit has been guiding me and it has taken me this long to figure it out. I mean, after all, I don't know THAT many people here.

Out of all places I ran into her was JoAnn's Fabric. I didn't need anything from there but they're having a big sale this week so it has been on my list of things to do. I had planned to go yesterday after work, but she wasn't feeling up to it. It was to be the first place I went today though. However, I kept getting distracted this morning. First, I showered, but I had this odd gnawing to work out after I had just showered. Who does that? Well, I guess I do now. So, then I had to re-shower. Then Mitch needed a ride home from school which was unusual. So, I picked him up. All in all this put me about two hours behind when I was first planning to go shopping. Come to think of, I must have been right on time with the Lord's time though.

When I approached this woman, at first, I was a little nervous because I still have a small side of guilt that I carry. Not really like a regretful guilt just a longing that I wish I could've done more for all those sweet kids. Anyway, we got to chatting and next thing we knew it had been almost a forty minutes.

I asked if they had gotten a new teacher yet and, of course, they haven't. Are we surprised? So now they are short a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.

Since the day I left she has been tossing and turning about pulling her kids out of the pre-school and I think running into me today was finally the tipping point for her. She just kept saying, "Wow. Everything happens for a reason." We discussed a lot of the issues and I was respectively open about some of the situations I encountered there.

I told her about my new job and how much I loved it. I explained how at first I was nervous to try out, because I felt like I might be a little too over qualified for it. I didn't want to be a "baby sitter." However, really, it just offered me a way to connect right at the level I needed to be. Ironically she had just created a profile on last week.

In conclusion, she seemed really glad she ran into me and I hoped that I offered her some good pointers. There were a couple of families I really respected there and she was one of them. I hope she finds a good fit for her kids. She has two cute sons that deserve the best. Ultimately, I have come to decide that Heavenly Father was looking out for her kids and I just helped deliver the message to her.

Epiphany moment! Right as I was writing this...
I guess I've always viewed one of my roles as a member to "spread the truth." Just on a religious note though. You know, "look for missionary moments." And, yeah, I've come to understand I was probably in the right place at the right time. However, it hasn't ever occurred to me that I could be a catalyst for others to receive inspiration or direction they can't hear or recognize because they haven't learned how to or received the whole truth yet. The chain of events this week were merely based on my feelings (or the Holy Ghost), but they led me right to her. Interesting. That seems kind of obvious now, but I'll have to ponder on this thought some more.

And, yes, the comment above is still true too. I do love my job. There hasn't been a day where I don't want to see those girls and I even find myself missing them over the weekends. Their family is truly a blessing in my life.

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