Cassie Shepherd

March 2, 2011

Coming Along

Time to celebrate! Our TV is no longer slowly sinking down. No more card board boxes!!!

I'm very happy with our new set up. It is a little hard to buy a furniture set when you live in temporary housing. We don't know if we're going to want our TV on the wall or on a stand? Will we need a coffee table in the future? (We have an ottoman right now that wouldn't work with a coffee table, but maybe we'll have a bigger room...) So, we played it safe with a console table and a side table because they're easy to use anywhere around our future house.

Of course, we got a great deal on the furniture at World Market. It was on sale. It is solid and doesn't feel cheap anywhere. The drawers are heavy. Thank you to my family for the birthday money. Their contributations helped us pay for these. We also had a sears rebate card that we were able to put toward it, so it was very affordable.

Next goal: night stands!

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  1. I would say a 100% improvement over boxes. YOUR PLACE IS SO DARN CUTE!