Cassie Shepherd

April 2, 2011

Charleston, SC

This weekend we drove up for a mini vacation in South Carolina. I’ve been through Charleston before, but I was 12 and hardly remember it.

Mitch and I started the day off at “The Battery” or “White Point Gardens.” Wow. I can’t describe how beautiful the homes are there.  Savannah is pretty, but I have to say, Charleston is gorgeous.  The homes are rich with history and display lovely forms of architecture.

We walked along the coast through Waterfront Park and ended in City Market. Sweetgrass basket weaving has been a tradition of the city for over 300 years. The baskets were originally used by Africans to store food and helped with straining out dirt. Now, the baskets can be bought all over the city. They are quite expensive though.

Once we shopped through the market we toured the city deeper on a carriage ride. Our horse was named “Gibbs” after the art museum in town. The tour lasted about an hour and was a great way to understand the history of the city better. We learned a lot about the architecture and some fun stories behind the homes.

We stopped by the Harley store on the market and picked me up a cute t-shirt. After, we ate at T-Bonez and swiped a little praline dessert. We drove out to the USS Yorktown at Patriot’s Point. It was the tenth air craft carrier in the US Navy. We were going to go out to Ft. Sumter, where the first shots of the civil war were shot, but we decided to save it for our next trip up. We know we’ll be back.

We also drove out to Ft. Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island. Honestly, there wasn’t much to see, but the beach was pretty. We probably enjoyed the beautiful beach homes more than the fort. We think we even saw a dolphin or maybe a shark while we were on the beach.

We drove around the city one last time after it was dark. Then we headed out to the suburbs and found an LDS Church so we could be near by for General Conference in the morning. We spent the night in the Jeep. (I tried my hardest not to complain.) It was fun, but next time we’ll be sure to pack more padding!

GC this morning was great. I loved Elder Cook’s talk on how “LDS Women are Incredible." If you are a woman, how could you not like his talk? :)

It is nice to be home. Tomorrow we'll be watching GC at the church and having a pot luck with the ward. Monday Mitch is back to school. Oh and, by the way, he is doing awesome. He got all A's and one B last semester. I'm proud he is doing so well.

One of my best friends, Chelsie, booked her plane ticket to visit us in May. I can't wait! I'm excited!!! We'll definitely be taking a trip up to Charleston together. 


  1. No one died at Ft. Sumpter. Well, except a horse. A bloodless beginning to the bloodiest war our country has ever fought.

    I loved Charleston--you have got to love all that beautiful Southern architecture.


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